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Data-Driven Healthcare Insights Evolved

Komodo’s MapEnhance™ Unlocks the Full Potential of Comprehensive RWE.

We are living in the golden age of real-world evidence (RWE), where advances in cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), and powerful analytics have made it possible to unearth deeper insights into individual patient journeys unlike ever before. So why does it feel like so many of us are spending more time than ever wrestling with clunky data integrations and more money on duplicative datasets and armies of consultants to help us sort through the mess?

This counterintuitive phenomenon is an outgrowth of the legacy marketplace model of RWE, whereby the primary data sources have been aggregators and marketplaces whose business models have been driven not by delivering meaningful insights but by selling more data. As a result, even though more data is available than ever, and the capacity for analyzing and drawing meaningful intelligence from it is at an all-time high, the typical RWE workflow is still fundamentally frustrating and unnecessarily costly.

Komodo Health is addressing some of those challenges with MapEnhance. Our new model makes it possible to seamlessly connect Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ of over 330 million patient journeys with highly specialized Komodo-developed lab, clinical encounters, race and ethnicity (R&E), and mortality data, along with genomics and cost data curated from our partners — all on a single platform. Launched in April 2023, MapEnhance quickly set a new standard in the world of RWE by becoming the first solution to deliver a fully integrated, holistic approach to real-world patient data and analytics. 

At its core, MapEnhance replaces the fragmented, biased, piecemeal approach used in legacy data marketplaces or aggregator datasets. End users can now quickly and easily produce comprehensive, longitudinal research on real-world patient journeys across every disease category.

Fixing a Broken Workflow
MapEnhance is a quantum leap forward from the legacy marketplace model that has dominated RWE for the last several years. To understand how we got to this point, consider a typical Life Sciences workflow in the early 1990s, when the first insurance claims databases were developed. Commercial teams, the first to experiment with the capability, would spend hours poring over manually coded encounters that only captured privately insured patients in databases that were only updated annually. As analytics technology improved through the early and mid-2000s, and Medicare, Medicaid, and electronic health records (EHR) data was added to the mix, Medical Affairs and HEOR teams got involved and started buying their own aggregated RWE datasets. 

By the 2010s, the promise of RWE was clear, and the data marketplace model was in full swing, but the workflow was already fundamentally broken. Different teams within the same organization were buying different data from different marketplaces; few best practices or standards for how to use that data had been established, and most enterprise RWE users were spending exorbitant sums on consultants to extract meaningful insights from all the disconnected data.

Recently, legacy marketplaces have begun to offer their version of curated datasets and partner programs. However, their underlying data is still the same, and their approach to curation is merely a way to seemingly repackage the same fragmented, biased, stitched-together data with a new name.

Putting the Pieces Together
Komodo has spurred the next phase of evolution in RWE by enabling access to the complete view of patient journeys in a single, fully integrated solution — MapEnhance. The result is the broadest and most complete view of a patient’s healthcare experience, delivering unprecedented depth and insights into clinical encounters and patient populations. Most importantly, the introduction of MapEnhance marks a critical evolution away from the convoluted legacy marketplace model of RWE. 

Among the new data assets are clinical observations extracted from EHRs, detailed lab results from over 600,000 facilities across the U.S., and the most comprehensive index of patient mortality data. MapEnhance also includes comprehensive R&E data for more than 200 million patients, helping to advance health equity initiatives and close gaps in care for underserved populations. 

While these diverse and far-reaching data assets are game-changers when it comes to helping Life Sciences teams, clinicians, advocacy groups, health plans, and public health researchers understand all aspects of the patient experience, the real breakthrough is the ability to access that complete view from a single, fully integrated entry point. That seamlessness is what separates an awkward (and expensive) collection of point solutions and siloed datasets from a truly mature analytics and insights engine.

Charting the Course for the Future of RWE
Komodo Health is the first healthcare technology company to bring all of the disparate pieces together — data, analytics, workflow tools, and enterprise software integrations — to tap into the full potential of RWE with a single log-in. In practical terms, that means those same Life Sciences teams that previously would have licensed data and then spent the next several months programming their own research queries are now able to get all of the data — and surface relevant insights from that data — in a few clicks on a single application.

While the evolution of RWE to this point in time has been nothing short of remarkable, the clunky, marketplace-driven approach to extracting meaningful insights from that data sorely needed an overhaul. The combination of our newest offering, MapLab™, the Healthcare Map, and MapEnhance have fundamentally reimagined that model to put the emphasis on quality and depth of insights rather than the volume of data objects sold. This wholesale reimagining of the RWE value equation is already helping Life Sciences leaders break down silos and eliminate unnecessary hurdles. And it’s just the beginning.

The confluence of events that have made this rapid growth possible — from the increases in computing power that allow us to process massive quantities of data in fractions of a second to the increased collaboration among healthcare stakeholders that is improving access to patient data — are nothing short of remarkable. By seizing on these trends in lockstep with our commitment to creating the most comprehensive, accurate source of de-identified patient journeys available, Komodo has unlocked the future of RWE. 

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