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We breathe life into data

The key to tackling healthcare’s biggest challenges is the ability to transform extraordinary amounts of data into rich and meaningful insights.

At Komodo Health we combine the world’s most comprehensive view of patient-encounters with innovative algorithms and decades of clinical expertise to power our Healthcare Map, the industry’s most precise view of the U.S. healthcare system.


With the Healthcare Map as our foundation, we offer a suite of powerful software applications that enable you to deliver exceptional value to your customers, your colleagues, and your patients.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Our partnership with Komodo Health enables us to better support community-based healthcare providers who serve families in the greatest need.
- Anjelica Davis, President, Fight Colorectal Cancer
Komodo Health has really helped to focus people in the right area, and that’s been a huge boost for our organization.
- John Garcia, Global Commercial Excellence Lead, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
With Komodo Health we accomplished in just a few weeks what would have taken months with consultants – extremely important as we prepare for a launch. Their software is fast, user-friendly, and delivers everything we need. It continues to be a key part of our strategy.
- Bill Woodman, Vice President of Sales, Omeros Corporation
With Aperture, we can learn everything we need about providers in specific territories. We're getting incredible value as it quickly summarizes a lot of information that previously required a great deal of time to gather.
- Director, Pharmaceutical Company
Aperture is the only tool I’ve used that truly helps me focus my efforts where they will make the most impact. I can now better reach the right HCPs at the right time.
- Medical Affairs Lead, Biotech Company
Aperture gives us a better view of clinician influence than we’ve ever had. It will play a key role for all of our brands moving forward.
- Medical Strategy Lead, Pharma Company
With Iris, we saw 30% more disease burden than we did before. We were able to add 250 new accounts and deepen our engagement by 20%.
- Marketing Director, Pharmaceutical Company
I’d never launch a product without Iris again. It provides the most complete view of clinical encounters and enables us to precisely target the right HCPs and patients for our therapy.
- Marketing Lead, Biopharma Company
Since we started using Iris, we’ve been able to more accurately align our sales force to the right territories. It’s been a game-changer.
- Regional Director, Pharmaceutical Company
We were way behind recruiting patients for a critical clinical trial. Within 100 days of launching Pulse, we identified and screened enough patients. After that initial delay, the trial is now on track to close early.
- Clinical Affairs Lead, Biopharma Company
Pulse clinical alerts have revolutionized our way of doing business. We have relevant, accurate information at the precise moment we need it for our conversations with providers.
- VP of Sales, Pharmaceutical Company
We needed to target specific patients who had received multiple lines of therapy. Pulse alerts enabled us to focus on high-value HCPs likely to make an upcoming treatment decision and significantly improved our success rate.
- Director, Biopharma Company
Prism enables us to conduct more accurate studies. We can now see the true outcomes of patients over time and know how effective treatments were.
- Director, HEOR, Pharma Company
Prism has become a key part of our R&D strategy. We now have access to current, detailed patient-level information to help us prioritize our funding.
- Vice President, Medical Strategy, Biopharma Company
The insights we get from the data in Prism has enabled us to make better decisions. We can now run reliable analyses on everything we need, from treatment decisions and outcomes to geography.
- Team Lead, Healthcare Consultancy
Our clients are thrilled that we can finally measure the real impact of our campaigns. The power of Sentinel to help us accurately predict true ROI is beyond anything else I’ve seen on the market.
- Account Director, Life Sciences, Healthcare Marketing Agency
Sentinel seamlessly integrates with our in-house tools to give us the best analytics possible. Now we can get better insights more quickly.
- Lead Data Scientist, Healthcare Insurance Company
The road to value-based care hasn’t been an easy one, but Sentinel has enabled us to make huge progress. Now we can better understand where we can take more risks and still meet the myriad of reimbursement models.
- Chief Medical Technology Officer, Large Health System