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Our Mission:

To reduce the burden of disease

Our Origin Story

In every fable, every fairy tale, there’s always a proverbial “dragon” that the protagonist needs to overcome in order to emerge victorious.

But dragons in stories are often misunderstood – feared instead of revered. When the power of the dragon is harnessed, heroes are born, quests are triumphant, and the ending is always a happy one.

Given the importance, and difficulty of our mission, we named ourselves after the last living dragon – the Komodo Dragon – recognizing that it will take the power, wisdom, and just a touch of magic that only a dragon can provide, for us to successfully achieve our goals.

Our Values

Be Awesome

Be present. Respect your peers. Help foster a community of trusted relationships with your co-workers. Be someone people want to be around. Be creative and resourceful. Be accountable. Have integrity. Be passionate about contributing. Stay positive. Be open, honest and humble.

Seek Growth

Challenge yourself and your peers. Grow as a person. Crave learning and development opportunities. Support healthy, constructive debate that advances our thinking and planning, and drives us forward as an organization. Stay nimble.

Deliver “Wow”

Always strive to exceed expectations, with your team, your customers and shareholders. Always work to deliver high quality through flawless execution. Build innovative solutions that create exceptional value. Focus on outcomes. Reward outperformance.

Enjoy the Ride

Love being at work. Embrace change. Listen to and support your colleagues. Share. Learn from mistakes. Celebrate successes. It’s a marathon not a sprint, value the journey. Stay healthy physically and mentally.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Arif Nathoo


Arif Nathoo, MD, is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Komodo Health where he oversees data sciences, engineering, and product development initiatives for the company. He has spent the past 15 years in healthcare and life sciences leadership roles.

Before Komodo Health, Arif was a leader in McKinsey’s Healthcare practice where he was responsible for helping enterprise healthcare address issues in corporate strategy, finance, sales and marketing, and organization building. He co-led McKinsey’s Medical Affairs Practice, which created analytic products and services to improve non-promotional engagement between industry and providers.

He has conducted research in novel instructional technologies and medical devices, with multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals. Arif graduated magna cum laude with Highest Honors from Harvard University with an AM in molecular and cellular biology, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and MPA in health policy from the Harvard Kennedy School.

Web Sun


Web Sun is Co-Founder and President at Komodo Health where he oversees operations including business development, sales and marketing, and people.

Prior to founding Komodo Health, Web was a Managing Director at Zephyr Health, a leading life sciences data and insights solution provider, running all non-Engineering functions. He spent nearly eight years as vice president at Campbell Alliance (now Syneos Health) where he advised enterprise life sciences companies across corporate development, brand management and marketing, commercial effectiveness and medical affairs initiatives.

Web also serves as an Executive Advisor to Reify Health, Heads Up Health and other healthcare/healthtech startups focused on Big Data, SaaS, Healthcare IT, and Predictive Analytics to improve patient outcomes.

Web holds an MBA in Marketing & Finance and International Business from the New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business and a triple major in Molecular Biology/Biochemistry (MBB), Biological Sciences and Psychology from Rutgers University.

Eileen Tobias

Chief Financial Officer

Eileen Tobias is Chief Financial Officer at Komodo Health and with more than two decades of experience in Finance, brings a track record of financial management discipline for fast-growing companies like ours.

Most recently she served as Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis at Dropbox. She has built and led global teams in enterprise SaaS, both at public and privately held companies. Prior to Dropbox, Eileen spent 12 years in Finance leadership at NetSuite, and also worked at Brocade Communications, Hewlett-Packard, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

She holds a BA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Laurent Bride

Chief Technology Officer

Laurent Bride is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Komodo Health, where he leads engineering and product innovation, overseeing Komodo’s data platform and software portfolio. Bride brings more than 20 years of experience building and scaling data platforms for hypergrowth technology companies.

Prior to Komodo, Bride was CTO at Talend, where he built on his track record of success by taking the company public and driving next-generation data platform strategies. He has also held executive roles at multi-billion dollar software firms Business Objects and SAP, where he spearheaded expansions into new global markets , led high-performing teams of developers, and drove innovation for next-generation applications leveraging cloud and analytic technologies.

Bride holds a master’s degree from the École Internationale des Sciences du Traitement de l'Information (EISTI) in France, and brings expertise in business-to-business technology strategy, big data, cloud, and business intelligence.

Bill Evans

Chief Marketing Officer

Bill Evans is the Chief Marketing Officer for Komodo Health. As CMO he is responsible for overseeing all corporate brand marketing and communications, as well as leading the integrated marketing efforts to drive awareness and demand for Komodo’s innovative portfolio of solutions.

Prior to joining Komodo Health, Bill was the CMO for IBM’s Watson Health division, where he introduced and expanded IBM’s foray into healthcare while educating the market on the need and value of AI and data-driven solutions to transform the industry.

Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Evans was the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for Team Chemistry at WPP, leading the consolidated digital marketing business for Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Evans was responsible for driving strategic innovations, ensuring creative excellence, and leading the R&D of emerging technologies.

Bill earned his BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Jewelry Design from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Dr. Aswin Chandrakantan

Chief Medical Officer/SVP Corporate Development

Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, is Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.

Prior to Komodo Health, he was a senior leader in Google’s Global Operations and Strategy, which was responsible for the implementation and support for Google’s 240+ ad products sustaining $110B annually in revenue. He also brings in-depth healthcare and analytics experience from his role as an engagement manager McKinsey where he was a founding member of McKinsey’s Healthcare analytics service line supporting leading biopharma companies, payer reform in over a dozen states, revenue cycle management at top IDNs. He also led strategic initiatives for polio eradication strategies for Nigeria.

Aswin earned his MD from the UMDNJ (now Rutgers NJ Medical School) and a BS from The College of New Jersey.

Jason Prestinario

Head of Healthcare Solutions

Jason Prestinario is the Head of Data Science at Komodo Health. Jason oversees the data curation, exploration, and algorithm development that powers Komodo Health’s entity resolution, linkages, recommendations, advanced targeting and prediction engine. Jason and his team are responsible for building the data pipelines and machine learning models that create efficiency and value in the healthcare ecosystem.

Prior to joining Komodo Health, Jason spent four years at Palantir Technologies where he established the deployed computational engineering team and built out commercial analytics and data science capabilities across the insurance, media, finance and energy industries.

Jason holds an MS and BS with distinction in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Mike Weiss

General Counsel and Head of Compliance

Mike Weiss is the General Counsel and Head of Compliance at Komodo Health where he oversees the Company’s Legal and Compliance departments.

Prior to joining Komodo Health, Mike served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Decision Resources Group (DRG), and helped lead DRG through its successful sale to Clarivate Analytics. Before DRG, Mike was Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Privacy & Compliance Officer at Symphony Health Solutions. During his tenure at Symphony, he served on the management team that led the company through its sale to PRA Health Sciences, a clinical research organization based in Raleigh, NC.

Mike brings to Komodo nearly 25 years of experience in support of a variety of legal, business and strategic-planning functions, including M&A, business integration and restructuring, compliance and risk management. He received his JD from Emory University and a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.

Our Investors

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