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Patient Services

Drive Optimal Clinical Outcomes

Remove roadblocks to therapy adoption — for both providers and patients — to speed therapy access, improve adherence, and ultimately impact care. Komodo enables you to obtain the granular insights needed to plan, implement, and measure strategies while optimizing the patient experience.

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Insights at Your Fingertips

Improve Therapy Access and Adherence 

Barriers to therapy access can impact clinical outcomes. By leveraging standard and configurable patient journeys, you can identify complications when they arise and resolve them quickly, minimizing delays in care and supporting adherence. Unlock the ability to measure your impact and leverage new insights to refine your services.

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Continuously Optimize Your Strategy

Integrate first- and third-party datasets with the industry’s most current and comprehensive source of patient-level data. Optimize launch planning, evaluate utilization, assess the impact of payer/plan switches, and compare cohorts of enrolled/unenrolled patients to understand how patient services impact clinical outcomes.
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What Komodo Care Connect Customers Say

The team really takes time to understand your business and specific patient journey, and then works with you to deliver a first-in-class case management system that is intuitive and comprehensive.
Director, Patient Services