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Bring greater clarity to every facet of your plan

Tough decisions are much easier to support when they are backed by empirical evidence. Whether it’s winning the next big pitch, deciding which opportunity to fund, or determining where to focus your strategy, the more data-driven your decisions, the more likely you are to succeed.


That’s why Prism leverages the unprecedented power of our Healthcare Map to generate highly-segmented cohorts – from a broad spectrum of disease areas, treatment types, and HCP behaviors – to help you discover just the right insight.

When coupled with Sentinel, the power of Prism expands even further, enabling a wealth of advanced data, analytics, and AI-powered capabilities to enrich your cohorts and reach exceptional levels of targeting.


The Prism Advantage:

Support Decisions

Leverage insights from real-world outcomes, market knowledge, and product surveillance

Improve Win Rates

Demonstrate value to key decision makers with market-based insights, real-world evidence, and value-based outcomes

Accelerate R&D

Identify market potential, patient density, and optimal sites of care to achieve your goals

Analyze Patient Journeys

Recognize trends, patterns, and signals that elude other solutions

Enhance Value

Infuse insights directly into existing workflows, studies, and products when paired with Sentinel

Prism in Action:

HEOR/RWE studies

Monitor patient outcomes over time. See which treatment plans are chosen and measure their effectiveness

Cohort Analysis

Compare comorbidities, treatment patterns, disease densities, and other attributes to support clinical trial recruitment

Drug Development

Use market-sizing and assessment features to prioritize indications and determine viability for new lines of therapy

Provider Benchmarking

Run analyses of HCP activity based on multiple parameters, including patient outcomes, treatment decisions, and geographic regions

Commercial Analytics

View patient flow(s) through the entire healthcare system to gain a better understanding of diagnostic and treatment patterns

Real Results That Make a Real Difference

Prism enables us to conduct more accurate studies. We can now see the true outcomes of patients over time and know how effective treatments were.
- Director, HEOR, Pharma Company
Prism has become a key part of our R&D strategy. We now have access to current, detailed patient-level information to help us prioritize our funding.
- Vice President, Medical Strategy, Biopharma Company
The insights we’re able to obtain from the data in Prism has enabled us to make better decisions. We can now run reliable analyses on everything we need, from treatment decisions and outcomes to geography.
- Team Lead, Healthcare Consultancy