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The workshop for innovators like you

Our mission – to reduce the burden of disease – is a huge challenge, but one we can achieve together. We’ve made the power of our Healthcare Map available to catalyze the next wave of applications, analytics, and hey-this-just-might-work ideas.


Access to accurate data is a tedious and expensive endeavor. And maintenance and management can consume your resources. With Sentinel, this core work is done.

Sentinel is a virtual sandbox. Uniquely flexible, it can integrate your current tools into an expansive, privately-hosted workspace to give you all the analytical horsepower necessary to discover new insights and accelerate your time to market.


The Sentinel Advantage:

Superior Insights

Conduct your own analytics and extract key findings, or co-develop new analytics products to truly differentiate your company

Data Enrichment

Discover opportunities “hidden” in previously disparate sources through seamless data integration

Flexible Configuration

Reduce or eliminate analysis process and workflow disruption by incorporating tools already in your analytics workbench

Faster Innovation

Leverage our pre-built tools and accessible cohort data to reduce the time required to bring solutions to market

Unsurpassed Security

Ensure the protection of your data and I.P. with an environment that meets all security, privacy, and compliance requirements

Sentinel in Action:


Life Sciences – Perform real-world evidence studies by linking a specialty dataset to Komodo’s best-in-class database

Deliver Better Insights

Healthcare Service Providers – Build models and algorithms on top of our Healthcare Map to power software solutions and tools, and deliver best-in-class insights to your customers

Patient-Centered Analysis

Payors – Conduct a wide range of analyses on the healthcare ecosystem – locate rare disease patients, analyze patient journeys, or uncover underdiagnosed or under-treated patients

Best-In-Class Metrics

Advertisers & Marketers – Provide measurements that finally show the actual ROI associated with campaigns. No more blindly following impressions in a blackbox without closing the loop

Speed Business Development

Healthcare Consultancies – Demonstrate differentiated insights consistently across a wide range of use cases, including program planning, HCP treatment journey mapping, and patient journey mapping/adherence planning

Real Results That Make a Real Difference

Our clients are thrilled that we can finally measure the real impact of our campaigns. The power of Sentinel to help us show true ROI is beyond anything else I’ve seen on the market.
- Account Director, Life Sciences, Healthcare Marketing Agency
Sentinel seamlessly integrates with our in-house tools to give us the best analytics possible. Now we can get better insights more quickly.
- Lead Data Scientist, Healthcare Insurance Company
The road to value-based care has been a long one, and Sentinel has enabled us to make huge progress. Now we can better understand where we can take on more risk and still meet a mix of different reimbursement models.
- Chief Medical Technology Officer, Large Health System