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Focus your product strategy like never before

With so much riding on successfully managing the lifecycle of a product, failure is not an option. Having a precise understanding of the clinical marketplace, especially in more complex disease areas, can be the difference between a blockbuster and a lemon.


Iris integrates prescription, lab, payer, and patient-level data to give you richer insights than anywhere else. Optimize your commercial strategy, analyze competitive market share, and identify the key decision makers essential for driving therapy adoption.

And keeping tabs on brand performance has never been easier. Our post-launch surveillance capabilities give you the visibility you need to monitor and adapt to the changing needs of clinicians and patients.


The Iris Advantage:

Complete Clinical Encounters

Identify the healthcare providers who are actively treating eligible patients and having the biggest impact on standards of care in your therapeutic area

Patient-Centric Specificity

Analyze market share by the number of actual patients within a given indication vs. just the number of treatments prescribed

Precision Insights

Understand key metrics for product performance, including competitive share, changes in Rx volume, patient eligibility, and prescribing behaviors

Active Optimization

Monitor market changes post-launch to identify new opportunities to improve HCP utilization and find new, relevant sales regions and clinicians to target

Iris in Action:

Pre-Launch Planning

Confidently forecast brand potential. Analyze HCOs and HCPs by patient volume, prescribing patterns, patients on competitive therapies, and geographies

Messaging Development

Improve the timeliness and relevance of your HCP communications by leveraging rich clinical profiling data, including specific treatment information

Competitive Benchmarking

Understand and combat churn using accurate analyses of HCPs’ adoption profiles

Sales Force Optimization

Close the loop on your sales strategy by understanding where best to allocate resources based on HCP profiles

Post-Launch Monitoring

Know how well your programs are performing. Track changes in market share at territory, regional, and national levels

Real Results That Make a Real Difference

With Iris, we saw 30% more disease burden than we did before. We were able to add 250 new accounts and deepen our engagement by 20%.
- Marketing Director, Pharmaceutical Company
I’d never launch a product without Iris again. It provides the most complete view of clinical encounters and enables us to precisely target the right HCPs and patients for our therapy.
- Marketing Lead, Biopharma Company
Since we started using Iris, we’ve been able to more accurately align our sales force to the right territories. It’s been a game-changer.
- Regional Director, Pharmaceutical Company