Komodo Health Introduces New No-Code Analytics Application To Visualize Real-World Healthcare Data in Minutes

MapView — Part of Komodo’s MapLab Technology Platform — Features Dozens of Pre-Built Analytics Templates for Rapid Insights

SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 19 — Today, Komodo Health unveiled a new self-service solution for rapid patient cohort analysis and insight generation. MapView is the industry’s first and most sophisticated analytics application that allows users without data science expertise to easily extract insights from Komodo’s Healthcare Map. MapView is designed to accelerate decision-making across the Life Sciences enterprise by generating powerful, automated business intelligence for every team and at every stage of the Life Sciences product life cycle, from clinical development and medical strategy to commercialization.

MapView, an application within the company’s MapLab platform, accelerates and automates insight generation for some of the most common analyses performed in healthcare. MapView introduces Komodo’s first wave of pre-built templates that are tailored to a range of essential industry use cases. The application allows users to quickly produce real-time insights into disease trends, treatment pathways, patient populations, brand performance, and a host of other business questions and use cases using Komodo’s analytics tooling and proprietary Healthcare Map. Users can also upload custom and proprietary privacy-compliant datasets such as provider lists and geographic territory files, which can then be integrated into MapView’s dashboard templates to filter at increased levels of granularity.  

“MapLab modernizes the insights workflow and shifts business leaders away from costly, time-intensive, one-off analytics projects that are impossible to scale, stifle innovation, and have plagued our industry for decades,” said Web Sun, President and Co-Founder, Komodo Health. “Investing in MapLab and the newly launched MapView application takes you away from having to manage multiple data partners, armies of consultants, and implementing endless tools and processes, to having one unified platform to generate insights that drive critical business decisions in an efficient manner across the entirety of the enterprise.”

A recent survey on the current state of data-driven insights across Life Sciences exposed numerous complex challenges that teams experience in accessing and understanding real-world data (RWD). In addition to benchmarking the current state of RWD in various aspects of the Life Sciences workflow, the study also exposed some of the most pressing pain points that prevent data-driven analytics from reaching its fullest potential — including significant time investments, limitations in data quality and integration, and a lack of internal expertise.

“We know that Life Sciences teams are spending more time and resources than ever to obtain and prepare the data they need to conduct these analyses,” said Greg Caressi, Senior Vice President, Frost & Sullivan. “The complexities and barriers to data and analytics usage have only become more evident alongside the rapid growth of real-world evidence and data accessibility, signaling a need for new, enterprise-wide approaches to accessing data-driven insights.”

This transformation is illustrated by a new analysis from Komodo that used MapLab to shine a light on the current treatment landscape for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. MapView allowed analysts to explore the sequence and timing of events along the patient journey, from diagnosis through treatment, and then create easily understandable patient cohort reports to find proportions of patients by gender, age, payer channel, and prescribed drugs — all within minutes. The findings highlight previously unknown MS treatment patterns that could help patients and providers make better, more-informed decisions, while also helping Life Sciences companies quickly identify populations that could benefit from life-changing therapies. 

MapLab is the industry's only unified suite of applications designed to streamline the insight generation workflow — enabling companies to seamlessly unlock advanced insights at scale. From out-of-the-box dashboards and customizable data and analytics workflows to deep data science and modeling capabilities, MapLab helps companies better utilize RWD to understand and measure the impact of their strategic initiatives and close gaps in care for the patients they serve. MapView is currently available for Life Sciences teams, including Commercial, Medical Affairs, and Clinical Development as well as for Life Sciences consultancies. Additional MapLab applications and segment-specific offerings, including Komodo’s new generative AI analytics co-pilot, will launch throughout 2024. 

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Komodo Health is a technology platform company creating the new standard for real-world data and analytics by pairing the industry’s most complete view of patient encounters with enterprise software and machine learning that connects the dots between individual patient journeys and large-scale health outcomes. Across Life Sciences, payers, providers, and developers, Komodo helps its customers unearth patient-centric insights at scale — marrying clinical data with advanced algorithms and AI-powered software solutions to inform decision-making, close gaps in care, address disease burden, and help enterprises create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. For more information, visit

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