Real-World Patient Data Enters the Third Dimension


How Komodo’s Healthcare Map Has Been Expanded To Deliver Deeper Insights

Komodo Health™ has built its reputation on a foundation of robust, heavily scrutinized, and torture-tested real-world patient data. Our Healthcare Map™ is the most comprehensive, accurate source of de-identified patient journeys available, tracking the complete healthcare experience of over 330 million patients. And all of the software solutions we build rely on that rock-solid foundation to help rewrite the rules of clinical development, transform Life Sciences commercial strategies, and revolutionize provider and patient engagement.

Despite all of the work we’ve put into capturing every relevant data point and extracting every possible insight from every patient journey, there will always be more depth of insight to add. Whether it’s patient-specific genomics information housed in provider files, biomarker data in labs, or even hospital-level chargemaster data tracking the cost of care, there are many complementary datasets that are not captured in the Healthcare Map. When added, however, these extra layers of information open up an entirely new dimension of insight into the individual patient journey.

Introducing MapEnhance

Today, we’re making that three-dimensional view of the healthcare experience available with a major expansion of our Healthcare Map: MapEnhance. This breakthrough capability allows our customers to automatically integrate a wide range of specialized data products, including new lab, clinical, chargemaster, and genomics-testing insights from Komodo Health partners, such as PointClickCare, Trio Health, Invitae, and others, to deliver a multidimensional, real-world view of clinical events and patient populations. 

This is a major achievement when it comes to disrupting the status quo of traditional data aggregators and marketplaces — breaking down silos in healthcare data to get the most complete, highest-definition view of real-world patient journeys across virtually limitless scenarios. MapEnhance expands our platform capability, allowing users to quickly leverage the depth and breadth of the Healthcare Map, along with data provided by our partners, to add layers of nuance and draw connections between specific treatment pathways and outcomes. High-fidelity insights and flexible linkages across internal sources provide a deeper look into clinical, genomics, lab, and chargemaster data that was never before possible. 

Best of all, MapEnhance creates a single user interface and workflow for developing fully custom analytics capabilities. Unlike a la carte data marketplaces and clunky data-linking tools, MapEnhance operates on Komodo's platform for a fully integrated enterprise analytics engine that works seamlessly across all of Komodo Health’s software solutions. And, because this deeper level of insight is delivered on the same technology infrastructure and accessed under the same data license and contract, customers can build robust, enterprise-wide analyses that deliver better results faster than ever.

MapEnhance combined with Komodo’s Healthcare Map offers: 

  • Strong Data Foundation: The largest map of U.S. patient journeys, including both closed and open patients
  • Flexible Linkages: Datavant tokens make it easy to link to additional sources 
  • Breadth of Sources: Including Komodo’s Healthcare Map and external partner sources
  • Payer Fidelity: High-fidelity payers matched to Breakaway Partners insights 
  • Data Quality: High-quality data with normalized and cleaned fields 
  • Technology First Approach: Software-enabled and linked to the Komodo applications suite

In the world of traditional data aggregators and marketplaces, these qualities are missing. Data enrichment lacks the consistent data foundation that Komodo offers in our Healthcare Map. Data tokens are not interoperable. Sources are limited. Lack of appropriate data cleansing and normalization leads to bias and other data quality issues. And, gaps in technology enablement mean users are stuck with long timelines and poor access to the insights themselves. With MapEnhance, Komodo completely changes this.

Deeper, More Nuanced Insights

For example, one of our customers recently conducted a pilot analysis with MapEnhance to identify a highly specific subset of patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Target patient parameters included non-smokers with low hemoglobin levels. Using MapEnhance to integrate lab-testing data, specialist-evaluation data, genomic-testing data, and other data products, the customer was immediately able to zero in on hemoglobin levels, smoking status, growth factor receptor status, and additional factors to create an incredibly precise real-world snapshot of drug-eligible patients. 

That’s just the beginning. Once additional variables — which include everything from cost of care to complications to drug adherence — are layered into the core Healthcare Map, it becomes possible to identify the complete constellation of inputs and outcomes that make up the real-world patient journey.

Breaking Down Legacy Silos

Our Healthcare Map has always set itself apart with a greater depth and breadth of insight than any other solution. With MapEnhance, we expand the nuanced insights available in the Healthcare Map, and with a speed and quality that has never before been available. This represents the next evolution of our Platform model, creating a powerful toolset that will help Life Sciences teams, providers, payers, researchers, and public health officials work together to reduce the burden of disease.

Read Komodo’s press release announcing MapEnhance.

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