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Find high-fidelity signal amongst the noise

Open/sampled Rx & patient-level data often miss the patterns that accurately identify patients with complicated care pathways or rare diseases. Pulse has cracked the code on finding the cues that other solutions miss.


Pulse delivers relevant alerts on clinical activity at the optimal phases for engagement with HCPs – ensuring your communications are both timely and applicable to patients currently in their care.

Komodo’s extensive experience in identifying highly-complex cohorts and translating clinical journeys provides a level of precision and accuracy available nowhere else, eliminating both false positives and negatives.


The Pulse Advantage:

Complete Patient Journeys

See the full view of care pathways through comprehensive HCP, HCO, and payor-complete data sets

Unparalleled Clinical Expertise

Separate the signal from the noise with precision by leveraging our years of experience translating complex patient cohorts into seamless patient journeys

Accurate & Actionable Alerts

Close the gap between clinical interventions and clinician engagement to influence patient outcome

Immediate Value

Configure core alerts, and start receiving results, in as little as one day

Continuous Refinement

Receive alerts of constantly improving value and timeliness as we enrich our data sets with more than 15 million patient encounters each day

Pulse in Action:

Patient Identification

Find therapy-eligible patients at key stages of progression: newly tested, newly diagnosed, starting therapy, or procedure completion

Pre-Call Planning

Ensure field force is meeting with the right clinicians in the care pathway to impact the moments that matter

Non-Personal Promotion

Optimize outreach and quantify campaign ROI using Rx volume by integrating Pulse alerts and reporting with your CRM platform

Message Personalization

Tailor HCP conversations, virtual engagements, and non-personal campaigns based on timely and accurate patient-level information

Real Results That Make a Real Difference

We were way behind recruiting patients for a critical clinical trial. Within 100 days of launching Pulse, we identified and screened enough patients. After that initial delay, the trial is now on track to close early.
- Clinical Affairs Lead, Biopharma Company
Pulse clinical alerts have revolutionized our way of doing business. We have relevant, accurate information at the precise moment we need it for our conversations with providers.
- VP of Sales, Pharmaceutical Company
We needed to target specific patients who had received multiple lines of therapy. Pulse alerts enabled us to focus on high-value HCPs likely to make an upcoming treatment decision and significantly improved our success rate.
- Director, Biopharma Company