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Komodo Grows Its MapEnhance Offering, Expanding Access to New Social Determinants of Health Insights Alongside Real-World Oncology Data and Rare Disease Genomics

As Komodo Adds More Data Products and Partners, MapEnhance Provides Alternative to Data Marketplaces for Unparalleled Context and Dimension into Patient Care and Outcomes 

SAN FRANCISCO, MAY 13 Today, Komodo Health announced a series of updates to its MapEnhance™ offering, increasing the depth and volume of insights into social determinants of health (SDOH). The company also introduced two new specialty data partners, GeneDx and COTA Healthcare. With this news, companies can tap into Komodo’s fully integrated analytics solution to access the industry’s most complete view of clinical encounters and gain a more holistic understanding of the social and environmental factors that may impact patient outcomes. 

MapEnhance, available only through Komodo’s AI-powered platform, features a library of specialty datasets from Komodo and its partners — ranging from laboratory and genomics insights to electronic health records, mortality, race and ethnicity, and more — that can be linked with the Healthcare Map to advance in-depth longitudinal research across every category of disease. As Komodo broadens its SDOH intelligence to reach census-level visibility, users can combine this information with any of the clinical datasets within MapEnhance to more easily investigate how social, economic, and environmental factors can influence a patient’s health and outcomes beyond clinical interactions.

“In a landscape where healthcare costs are skyrocketing, the demand for accurate, nuanced, and unbiased data has never been more critical,” said Brad Kelley, General Manager of MapEnhance, Komodo Health. “By adding insights into the social determinants of health along with oncology and rare disease genomics data, we are strengthening the ability of MapEnhance to power insights that can lead to important commercial strategies and medical breakthroughs — and we’re doing it with greater speed and accuracy than anything else on the market today.”

MapEnhance features a network of specialty data partners, including Invitae, PointClickCare, Trio Health — and now, GeneDx and COTA Healthcare. The new partnerships will increase access to GeneDx's extensive de-identified genetic rare disease dataset, which includes data from more than 600,000 exomes and genomes, to help inform drug pipelines and accelerate clinical trial enrollment. Additionally, the combination of COTA’s deep clinical cancer information and insights from other MapEnhance data products is helping Life Sciences researchers across the enterprise discern context and optimal moments for impactful decisions along the cancer patient care journey. 

“Integrating GeneDx's robust genetic dataset with Komodo's expansive Healthcare Map marks a significant leap forward in increasing access to genomic information to help advance precision medicine,” said Melanie Duquette, Chief Growth Officer, GeneDx. “Through our partnership, we can help companies unearth deeper genetic insights to accelerate drug discovery, unlocking treatment options for patients in need.”

“Our partnership with Komodo is an important opportunity to provide a more complete view of cancer patients and outcomes as their treatment journeys grow more varied and complex,” said Sandy Leonard, Chief Commercial Officer, COTA. “Together, we are creating comprehensive real-world data and evidence to accelerate the development of more effective cancer treatments.”

In addition to its partner network, Komodo has expanded the MapEnhance library to include a range of exclusive, Komodo-built data assets. The new data enhancements — which include  clinical observations, laboratory results, self-identified race and ethnicity, patient insurance status, and mortality — are highly curated by Komodo’s leading data scientists and AI experts to help deepen the visibility of the Healthcare Map and in turn, clinical encounters and patient populations using a fully integrated solution. 

Researchers from top institutions and Life Sciences companies leveraged MapEnhance and Komodo’s platform to power dozens of new studies presented at ISPOR 2024, that shed light on important disease trends spanning women’s health, oncology, mental health, hypertension, neurology, and more. In an analysis that was recognized among the top 5% of studies at ISPOR this year, researchers linked data from the Healthcare Map with lab insights from MapEnhance to examine the impact of the Clozapine Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, an FDA-mandated safety initiative, on the occurrence of neutropenia outcomes among clozapine users since the program update in 2019.

All MapEnhance data products come de-identified and ready to use, offering faster and timelier access to in-depth insights that can help to reduce the global burden of disease. Komodo offers the industry’s most rigorous process for de-duplicating, normalizing, analyzing, and correcting the data that enters its Healthcare Map. 

About Komodo Health
Komodo Health is a technology platform company creating the new standard for real-world data and analytics by pairing the industry’s most complete view of patient encounters with enterprise software and machine learning that connects the dots between individual patient journeys and large-scale health outcomes. Across Life Sciences, payers, providers, and developers, Komodo helps its customers unearth patient-centric insights at scale — marrying clinical data with advanced algorithms and AI-powered software solutions to inform decision-making, close gaps in care, address disease burden, and help enterprises create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. For more information, visit Komodohealth.com. 

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