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MapView™ Brings Speed to Insight

MapView, built on our revolutionary platform, MapLab™, is a user-friendly, plug-and-play solution for propelling critical insights across the product lifecycle, from clinical development to medical strategy to commercialization.

Powered by our industry-leading Healthcare Map, you can have confidence in the insights obtained by MapView.

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Actionable Insights
in Minutes

MapView democratizes healthcare data insights across the organization with access to no-code analytics and actionable insights. Quickly scale analytics with out-of-the-box dashboard templates to compare cohorts, investigate patient journeys, understand HCP treatment patterns, and measure brand performance.


The MapView Edge

Simplify the insights workflow for users such as brand, clinical development, and medical affairs leaders to obtain insights and make impactful decisions more quickly. 

Accelerate Decision-Making

Quickly go from data to insight to action to take advantage of opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. 

Transform Workflows

Define your patient population and get insights at your fingertips in just a few minutes.

Measure Impact

Track critical metrics — market share, adherence, patient flows, and more — with real-world insights.

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MapView in Action

Pre-Built Analytics Tailored to Your Needs

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Excel in the Market With Quick, Tangible Insights
  • Assess competitors and overall opportunities
  • Understand prescriber rates and referral patterns
  • Generate effective HCP target lists
  • Measure and report your impact in real time
Cohort comparison with R&E analytics
Inform Clinical Trial Design and Drive Operational Feasibility
  • Understand therapeutic landscape and pre- and post-diagnosis treatment patterns
  • Model inclusion/exclusion criteria impact
  • Identify unmet needs and disparities in care
  • Optimize site and investigator selection
Cohort comparison with R&E analytics
Revolutionize Medical Strategy and Optimize Field Engagement
  • View patient, HCP, and HCO clinical encounter dynamics in real time
  • View HCP clinical behavior landscape over time
  • Understand spheres of influence and discover key influencers
  • Identify care knowledge gaps and racial disparities
  • Measure the clinical impact of medical strategy and engagement 
HCP/HCO Targeting
Accelerate Timelines and Deliver More for Clients
  • Understand and assess markets with ease
  • Build competitive commercial strategies
  • Transform clinical trial design 
  • Drive medical affairs strategy
  • Measure key activities and outcomes