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View leadership and influence through a whole new lens

Building your strategy using scholarly data alone is a thing of the past. Aperture was designed from the ground up to provide the most powerful view of clinical leadership and influence to drive standards of care where they matter most.


Aperture infuses standard bibliometric reporting with rich clinical insights to identify physicians who are actively seeing the largest volume of patients that matter to you. Our robust HCP profiling features help your field teams tailor communications to maximize value with every interaction.

And with Impact Reporting you can evaluate performance like never before. Aperture compliantly measures your medical affairs programs, giving you unprecedented visibility into effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes.


The Aperture Advantage:

Identify True Influence

Analyze combinations of scientific, clinical, and peer-to-peer variables to find HCPs that influence standards of care

Enhance Interactions

Leverage robust clinician profiles to give field teams the necessary context to keep HCPs interested and engaged

Identify Opportunities

Discover key moments across the patient journey to educate clinicians in a timely way

Quantify Impact

Compliantly articulate the value of medical affairs programs with patient-centric analytics and analysis

Maximize Value

Get the insights to meet your goals without the expense of additional software or consulting services

Aperture in Action:

Strategic Planning

Quickly gain deep provider- and institution-level insights to align engagement strategy with areas of opportunity

Field Sizing & Alignment

Discover where you are over- or under-resourced to optimize your field teams and reach HCPs at the right time

HCP Engagement

Locate the greatest area(s) of disease burden and segment HCPs based on their clinical dynamics

Network Pattern Analysis

Learn where HCPs are referring patients, what the care teams look like, and how you can extend your reach

Impact Reporting

Show your team’s value by drawing a direct connection between MSL efforts and patient outcomes

Real Results That Make a Real Difference

With Aperture, we can learn everything we need about providers in specific territories. We're getting incredible value as it quickly summarizes a lot of information that previously required a great deal of time to gather.
- Director, Pharmaceutical Company
Aperture is the only tool I’ve used that truly helps me focus my efforts where they will make the most impact. I can now better reach the right HCPs at the right time.
- Medical Affairs Lead, Biotech Company
Aperture gives us a better view of clinician influence than we’ve ever had. It will play a key role for all of our brands moving forward.
- Medical Strategy Lead, Pharma Company