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Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Leverage Research-Grade Real-World Data

Use the industry's most comprehensive and powerful source of real-world data to power regulatory submission and payer evidence packages, health outcomes analyses, and comparative economic studies. Komodo offers an unparalleled level of granularity by layering specialty datasets on top of our foundational Healthcare Map via MapEnhance.


Insights at Your Fingertips

Access 330 Million Unique Patient Journeys

Gain visibility into every facet of the patient journey with the industry’s most reliable source of longitudinal data. Our insights average seven years of continuous enrollment and span HCPs, HCOs, payers, and care settings.

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Use a Fit-for-Purpose Data Schema

Use our flexible Sentinel environment to conduct advanced analytics for high-impact, evidence-based research.  Our HEOR-specific data schema lets you quickly generate insights into patient characteristics, incidence and prevalence, treatment patterns, HCRU, healthcare cost by payer channel, and cost burden by disease.

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Increase Insight Contextualization

Glean deep, contextualized insights by layering specialty datasets such as lab, clinical/EHR, genomics, mortality, chargemaster, and race and ethnicity on top of the Healthcare Map. Gain speed to insight with a single joined dataset delivered right to your Sentinel environment.

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Expand Market and Patient Access

Prove your therapy’s impact — not only on improving health outcomes, but also on reducing healthcare resource utilization and costs. Our patient-level insurance data and proprietary cost data (developed from a cost-imputation model built on 4.4 billion healthcare claims) enable you to generate definitive, persuasive evidence.

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Leverage World-Class Expertise

Access our team of MDs, PharmDs, clinical health informaticists, and data scientists. Our team is steeped in solving research challenges such as creating external control arms and using predictive analytics to project therapy adherence and optimize pricing.  

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What HEOR Customers Say

In our experience with real-world-evidence research, this technology has played a pivotal role in offering a timely, comprehensive, and accurate view of patient journeys to drive evidence around disease burden and health outcomes.
— Tom Haskell, Global Head of Innovation, Data, and Analytics, Kantar Health