Clinical Development

Transform Clinical Trials With
Patient-Level RWD

Conduct fast, efficient, representative trials — from accelerating recruitment and leveraging external control arms to increasing trial diversity. Komodo’s comprehensive real-world data (RWD) and purpose-built solutions enable you to simplify, enhance, and speed decision-making at key steps in the process.

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Insights at Your Fingertips

Boost Trial Diversity and Diversity Plans

Use patient-level race and ethnicity (R&E) insights for 200 million patients to increase trial diversity by up to 50%. Leverage patient R&E data when selecting PIs and trial sites, and model inclusion/exclusion criteria to assess patient-recruitment impact.

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Optimize Your Clinical Trial Design

See patient journeys in granular detail with 2x more unique patients and 6x more claims per patient than legacy sources. Understand the journey to diagnosis and treatment pathways, then model custom patient cohorts to assess the impact of study criteria and protocol design. 

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Surface PIs actively treating screening-eligible patients in both academic and community settings, and view their clinical trial experience and current trial load. Select trial sites by defining disease burden at the ZIP3 level, reducing site deactivations by up to 50%.

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Accelerate Patient Recruitment by up to 30%

Use AI-driven clinical alerts to reach HCPs before treatment decisions are made. Configure alerts with auto-mapping to find patients near existing trial sites, and leverage patient-journey insights that will drive effective messaging/HCP engagement.

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Leverage Clinical Trials in Evidence Generation

Link trial data to RWD sources to maximize insights and efficiencies. Gain an understanding of patient outliers, create external control arms, conduct subpopulation analysis, and monitor outcomes following study completion to inform and accelerate future studies.

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What Clinical Development
Customers Say

Komodo’s technology and real-time data help thread the needle on everything from clinical sites and physician engagement to patients with relevant diagnoses.
Pierre Sayad, PhD, VP of Global Medical and Scientific Affairs, Karyopharm Therapeutics