Find out how we can help you tackle your healthcare challenges.


Reduce Risk and Manage Care Quality with Industry-Leading Insights

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive patient- and provider-level insights to optimize every facet of your business, from actuarial pricing to devising quality-based networks — to improving health outcomes.


Insights at Your Fingertips

Model Actuarial Risk

Leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning to assess disease burden and predict risk-pool performance for new market areas and prospective groups. Segment populations by demographics, clinical conditions, hospitalization rates, and mortality to ensure accurate group pricing.

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Uncover Quality and Efficiency Insights

Tap into provider NPI lists and patient-level datasets such as cost and quality measures by zip code and specialty areas. Discover high- or low-performing providers, uncover low-coverage/high-concentration areas of opportunity, and designate centers of excellence.

Access comprehensive provider-level analytics

Manage Member Risk

Predict early detection of chronic diseases and special needs based on criteria such as inpatient visits and emergency room utilization. Identify members eligible for care-management programs, determine level of outreach based on disease burden, and measure results.

View the patient journey in real time

Assess Provider and Network Performance

Link your data with Komodo’s Healthcare Map and tap into our analytical modules/APIs for even more powerful predictive capabilities such as real-time monitoring of network leakage, poor performer alerts, and other provider-tracking measures.
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Stay Abreast of the Market

Use our suite of market-intelligence tools to quickly assess all facets of the market, including size, competitors’ share, new entrants, and dynamics — such as changing referral and leakage patterns.

Understand the market like never before