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Market Access

Supercharge Market Access Strategies

To build a sound market access strategy, you need the most current and comprehensive view of the market and payer landscape, with continuously updated information to optimize execution. Komodo’s Market Access solution captures formulary and policy changes as they occur, delivering an accuracy rate that is 94% higher than legacy manual processes.


Insights at Your Fingertips

Automate to Optimize Market Access

Ensure your patient access strategies are based on the most current data available. Our solution ingests formulary changes daily, policy-criteria updates weekly, and delivers payer-landscape overviews (covered lives) monthly. Intuitive, flexible software enables you to retrieve insights on demand and to perform custom research.

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See the Complete Payer Landscape

View our comprehensive Payer Profiles that include detailed books-of-business segmentations, employer and vendor affiliations, geographic lives allocations, and Medical vs. Rx lives breakouts. View parent and payer relationships via clear hierarchy listings and access our proprietary dataset of key decision makers for all target accounts.

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Access Timely, Expert Guidance

Obtain custom data feeds, bridge files, recurring reports, and guidance from our industry-leading customer success team. You’ll receive stellar customer service to ensure you’re able to maximize the value of our offerings, with inquiries receiving responses within an hour, on average.

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What Market Access Customers Say

They researched all policies for all competitor drugs nationally — delivering data in multiple custom formats as we needed — months ahead of our expectations, and they keep updating with market changes seamlessly. They really helped clear the road for us to focus on algo iteration.
- Market Access Leadership, Novartis Pharmaceuticals