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See the Medical Device Market Like Never Before

MedTech companies no longer have to rely on point-in-time research and outdated public data to inform their strategies. Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ and purpose-built software solutions enable you to obtain rich, granular insights by viewing the patient journey in real time — across providers, care settings, and payers.


Insights at Your Fingertips

Support Patients on Their Journey

Remove barriers to access and provide tailored services for your novel device solutions to ensure optimal patient support. Our solution leverages standard and configurable patient journeys with omnichannel capabilities to optimize interactions across HCPs, payers, and your organization.

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Surface Hidden KOLs

Use a multifaceted approach that balances clinical volume, network and referral patterns, and scientific and industry engagement. Leverage multilayer segmentation (e.g., academic vs. community-care setting, digital-specific influencers) to uncover new KOLs. 

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Expedite Market Access With RWE

Power HEOR studies with robust patient-level analytics. Use pre-built modules or engage our analytics consulting team. Link first- and third-party data, build new algorithms, and create visualizations to understand impact. 

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Accelerate Commercial Success

Use our Iris solution to view volume by provider and across care sites (e.g., inpatient vs. ambulatory care centers) to optimize HCP targeting, timing, and messaging. Use Pulse clinical alerts to quickly identify patients and engage HCPs.

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Assess the Market, Speed Clinical Trials

Use RWE to assess volume by HCP and facility, evaluate case and payer mix, and track readmission and re-operation rates. For research, devise synthetic control arms to expedite trials and regulatory approval.

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What MedTech Customers Say

Komodo is committed to our discussions and partnership. We use Prism every day to leverage the incredible data and insights that help us drive strategic direction and tactical execution. We are eager to get started with patient journey analyses in Sentinel.
– Director, MedTech Company