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Komodo Health Introduces MapEnhance To Accelerate Multidimensional Insights for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Platform Model Changes the Paradigm for Health Data Utilization, Unlocking Deeper Insights Spanning Health Claims, Genomics, Clinical Encounters, Labs, and Costs  

SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 26 – Komodo Health today unveils MapEnhance, a network of specialty data partners that seamlessly connects into Komodo’s technology platform. MapEnhance extends the insight-generating capacity of Komodo’s Healthcare Map by combining it with exclusive and highly informative data curated from Komodo’s partners. Available only through the Komodo platform, MapEnhance provides Komodo’s customers with access to a multidimensional, real-world view of clinical events and patient populations at a level of resolution not previously available.

MapEnhance enables customers to migrate away from legacy data aggregators and marketplaces and take advantage of a more cost-effective, technologically-enabled approach that drives rich, rapid insights. Users can more quickly perform comprehensive analytics, develop higher-performing predictive models, and conduct healthcare research on a unique combination of data products that support the unique needs of Life Sciences and healthcare teams spanning Clinical Development, Commercialization, Medical Affairs, and more. On top of Komodo's Healthcare Map – the industry’s most comprehensive, accurate source of de-identified patient-level data insights and analytics available – MapEnhance adds even more depth, dimension, and visibility into clinical encounters and patient populations.

"Access to higher-fidelity patient journeys is required for real-world research at scale, and Komodo is leading the way for the industry by increasing connectivity between specialized datasets and the Healthcare Map,” said Arif Nathoo, MD, CEO and Co-Founder, Komodo Health. “As the FDA continues to advance standards for real-world evidence, Komodo is helping customers understand bias and reduce the inaccuracies perpetuated by legacy aggregators and marketplaces, which lack accountability for data quality and fidelity. MapEnhance introduces a superior alternative to what’s currently available on the market."

MapEnhance curates insights from specialized proprietary partners, including Invitae, PointClickCare, Trio Health, and more. Users can rapidly identify a patient cohort in Komodo’s Healthcare Map and then see how much additional visibility MapEnhance partners can unlock on that cohort. Because MapEnhance is delivered on Komodo’s unified platform, data is cleansed, standardized, and seamlessly integrated, offering faster and timelier insights through a centralized process and technology infrastructure. MapEnhance combines insights generated from Komodo’s Healthcare Map with:

  • Precision Molecular Diagnostics: Features a range of proprietary cytogenetics, flow cytometry, FISH, and targeted or broad-panel genetics tests run on tissue, germ-line, and liquid biopsies (ctDNA) and focused on multiple therapeutic areas including cancer, cardiology, neurology, pediatric genetics, metabolic disorders, immunology, hematology, and more. 
  • High-Volume Standard Laboratory Diagnostics: Derived from the largest clinical laboratory providers in the U.S., including a broad menu of commonly ordered inpatient and outpatient lab tests, to drive earlier visibility into diagnosis and disease progression in both common and rare diseases.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Unlocks unparalleled visibility into clinical encounters, with observations captured at the point of care, including characteristics of patients with highly complex conditions such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other acute and chronic conditions.
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Facility Chargemasters: Provides deeper visibility into individual components of cost and utilization (including device-specific detail) associated with episodes of care across hospital settings, such as emergency departments, intensive-care units, and ambulatory surgery centers. 

“Our partnership with Komodo on MapEnhance presents an exciting opportunity to merge Trio’s unique real-world ecosystems, including direct access to healthcare providers, their clinical EMR data, and physician notes, with other powerful data sources,” said Brent Clough, CEO of Trio Health. “We are thrilled that MapEnhance will make it possible to append our data and insights with those from genetic testing, lab testing, claims, and hospitalizations. This is a huge step forward to bring together comprehensive clinical and cost-of-care insights to deliver real-world treatment recommendations that wouldn’t be possible without Komodo’s platform and expertise.”

“PointClickCare’s clinical and comprehensive data empowers insights into the long-term care and outcomes of older adults, a population at higher risk for severe illness, and one that is often overlooked and understudied,” said Tara Goodman, M.P.H. Vice President, Life Sciences at PointClickCare. “Our partnership with Komodo and the introduction of MapEnhance deconstructs and minimizes silos in healthcare data across the industry and equips healthcare stakeholders with the most complete, high-definition view of real-world patient journeys to fuel new research, new therapies, and enhance our collective understanding across complex disease areas.”

Komodo Health is an industry leader in healthcare technology and data connectivity, powering secure, compliant use of de-identified patient data with analytics and insights that is unified within the Komodo platform. The continued enhancement of Komodo’s Healthcare Map, which powers the company’s technology platform and cloud-based application suite, is helping equip customers with reliable insights on disease trends to inform business decisions and ultimately help close gaps in care.

Read more about Komodo's MapEnhance. 

About Komodo Health
Komodo Health is a technology platform company creating the new standard for real-world data and analytics by pairing the industry’s most complete view of patient encounters with enterprise software and machine learning that connects the dots between individual patient journeys and large-scale health outcomes. Across Life Sciences, payers, providers, and developers, Komodo helps its customers unearth patient-centric insights at scale — marrying clinical data with advanced algorithms and AI-powered software solutions to inform decision-making, close gaps in care, address disease burden, and help the enterprise create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. For more information, visit Komodohealth.com

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