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Komodo Health Launches Prism and Sentinel, Setting the New Standard for Healthcare Intelligence


New Applications Offer Unparalleled Visibility into the Healthcare System, Unlocking Precision Insights and Powerful Innovation in Clinical Development, Commercial Strategy, HEOR, and Beyond

San Francisco – April 14, 2021: Komodo Health today announced the launch of two powerful software solutions that provide real-time intelligence in just a few clicks, tapping into 325 million real-world patient journeys for an unparalleled depth and breadth of insight. Prism and Sentinel allow stakeholders across Healthcare and Life Sciences to leverage the industry’s largest and most complete database of de-identified, real-world patient data – along with their own proprietary data – to develop insights and algorithms based on detailed patient behaviors and treatment patterns with an unprecedented level of precision, ease, and flexibility.

Prism and Sentinel are powering the next generation of machine-learning innovation to solve complex challenges, like pinpointing rare disease signals or identifying underserved cancer patients. The software has already been used by more than 30 Komodo Health clients, including large and small life sciences companies and consultancies. Use cases have included commercial strategy, market engagement, clinical development, and health economics and outcomes research for therapeutic areas ranging from ultra-rare diseases to oncology and COVID-19 vaccines.

“Digital transformation is only going to accelerate in Life Sciences, but the industry has been bogged down by archaic and unreliable data," said Arif Nathoo, MD, CEO and co-founder of Komodo Health. "These new applications offer end-to-end, cloud-based solutions that combine the best data and technology to derive insights quickly, opening up compelling new opportunities for our clients to innovate."

Custom Analytics Designed for Deeper Insights

The Life Sciences industry’s shift to digital has been hampered by slow and expensive processes, incomplete datasets, and piecemeal solutions that require users to vet and stitch data and analytics together by hand. In a step forward for the industry’s digital transformation, Prism and Sentinel deliver powerful enterprise analytics and highly scalable solutions to enhance brand strategies.

Komodo’s Prism is an intuitive cohort creation software that allows Life Sciences teams to quickly surface insights on specific patient populations of interest. It empowers data teams to answer key business questions on the market landscape, provider behavior, patient finding, and competitive intelligence in seconds. This cohort intelligence integrates directly with broader data and insights in Sentinel. Sentinel is a developer application that allows users to link their proprietary data with Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ and create new algorithms and machine-learning applications based on the most comprehensive patient-level insights.

Built on Komodo’s First-of-Its-Kind Healthcare Map

“Komodo allows us to unlock richer insights by integrating our own data with the Healthcare Map, all on the Sentinel platform,” said Tom Haskell, Global Head of Innovation, Data & Analytics, Kantar Health. “In our experience with real-world evidence research, this technology has played a pivotal role in offering a timely, comprehensive, and accurate view of patient journeys to drive evidence around disease burden and health outcomes.”

The foundation of the Prism and Sentinel platform is Komodo’s Healthcare Map. The industry’s largest and most complete record of de-identified, real-world patient insights, the Healthcare Map uses artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to track encounters with the U.S. healthcare system for over 325 million patients. Drawing from across the healthcare system, Komodo's Healthcare Map is the only system of insight of its kind to provide a longitudinal view of the patient journey at scale. By combining Prism and Sentinel with Aperture, Pulse, and Iris, Komodo has created a breakthrough enterprise workflow suite that delivers the most accurate, timely, and patient-driven insights available today.

For more information on Prism and Sentinel, click here.

About Komodo Health

Komodo Health believes that smarter, more innovative use of data and analytics is essential for reducing disease burden. We apply artificial intelligence and other advanced data science techniques to our first-of-its-kind Healthcare Map™, which tracks the unique patient journeys of over 325 million patients. We empower a multitude of healthcare stakeholders – life sciences companies, healthcare payers and providers, patient advocacy groups, and others – to create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. For more information, visit www.komodohealth.com.

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