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The New Standard for Healthcare Intelligence

For all the promises of digital transformation and AI-driven analytics, few real-world patient-level data solutions have lived up to the hype.

Clinical insights from digital technologies have been hindered by fragmented, incomplete datasets and ad hoc, standalone software solutions that don’t connect with enterprise systems.

Until now...

Komodo is putting the power of its Healthcare Map™ at your fingertips for the first time.

Komodo’s new Prism and Sentinel applications allow stakeholders across the spectrum of healthcare and life sciences to leverage the industry’s largest and most robust database of de-identified, real-world patient encounters to develop insights and algorithms based on detailed patient behaviors and treatment patterns with an unprecedented level of precision, ease, and flexibility.

These applications offer healthcare analytics designed to speed clinical trial development, identify target patient and physician populations, improve clinical launch strategy, and sharpen HEOR studies with real-world evidence.

Komodo Health - Prism


Komodo Health - Sentinel


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How can Prism and Sentinel serve you?

Commercial Strategy


Probe deeper into our industry-leading data to understand population demographics and potential market share.

Inform your commercial planning with critical strategic insights.



Link your own data alongside our Healthcare Map to reveal unparalleled real-world evidence.

Leverage our advanced analytics and build new algorithms for high-impact RWE research.

Clinical Development


Reach diverse patient populations and engage the right patient profiles at the right time for efficient trial recruitment.

Reduce risk in clinical trials by testing hypotheses and predicting impact using real-world insights.

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