Komodo Health
Komodo Health

Real-world applications of machine learning, powered by the best healthcare data

Tackling the biggest challenges in healthcare

Delivering predictive analytics to predict diagnosis and disease progression

Enabling precision medicine with insights tailored to each patient and cohort

Real-time analysis that increases the speed from symptom onset to treatment

Powered by AI and machine learning

  • Machine learning models build on cues from full patient journey data
  • Continuous retraining of models to capture micro market changes
  • Scalable data platform that handles millions of patient interactions in real-time

The most trusted platform for healthcare data

  • Built on the most complete Healthcare Map
  • Fully de-identified patient tokens to reduce the risk of re-identification
  • HIPAA certified and SOC-2 compliant
Komodo Health
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  • New York Office
  • 90 5th Ave, 5th Floor
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