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How Industry Leaders are Building a More Complete View of the Patient Journey

A single data source often lacks the full breadth and depth of patient records and information to generate meaningful real-world evidence and uncover insights about the health system. 

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Find out how some of the world’s leading life sciences, data, and analytics companies are using robust healthcare data to create a more complete, representative view of the patient journey.

In the new eBook, Extraordinary Data Uncovers Complex Health Conditions, we share examples of breakthrough partnerships that leverage big data to fill in the gaps that have plagued healthcare for far too long.


Tracking the full patient journey for those with complex, heterogeneous diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and hemophilia, with Picnic Health, to close gaps in care and address unmet patient needs.


Linking self-reported outcomes and clinical data with Kantar Health to add critically important behavioral and emotional data from patient encounters in the healthcare system.

Data Partneers ebook cover