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The Future of Medical Affairs: Upskilling Medical Affairs Teams

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Medical Affairs teams have long been recognized for their medical and scientific expertise,  straddling the worlds of science and clinical experience. With the rapid proliferation of health data – from real-world evidence, medical information queries, HCP behavioral data, social media content, scientific studies, and medical research – today’s Medical Affairs teams have access to patient-centric insights that can enable Life Sciences companies to stay agile in a shifting landscape, and better address emerging priorities to support patient needs.

But staying on top of evolving trends in patient care and clinical needs requires a significant investment in data analytics and systems integration.  

How can Medical Affairs teams maintain a thorough understanding of different datasets and new methods of generating, collecting, and analyzing epidemiological, clinical, or health-economic data? And how can they make the best use of the corporate systems of record within their own organization? 

To navigate a constantly changing landscape, Medical Affairs professionals need seamless access to the latest analytical tools and platforms to ensure their strategy is rooted in the most timely, dynamic, and impactful intelligence.

Perhaps most critically, to truly understand and take advantage of these new tools and insights, Medical Affairs teams need a way to overcome the data silos that have held the industry back for so long. Traditionally, data has been siloed across different parts of the healthcare system, and even with a single organization, there are still many data silos across disparate systems of record and operations. This creates an additional layer of obstacles that prevents crucial insights from being shared. 

As a key, strategic anchor for Life Sciences organizations, Medical Affairs teams have the opportunity to guide organizational change that moves toward centralizing resources and insights into decision-making around clinical research and pre-and-post-launch studies that can help close data gaps, accelerate the drug development process and streamline product lifecycle management.

Real World Example: Providing HCPs with Tailored Content in Real-Time

Amid new opportunities to leverage real-time data, a large pharmaceutical company partnered with Mavens, a Komodo Health company, to establish a closed-loop medical information system to collect, analyze, and operationalize HCP insights for its oncology franchise.

Every time a healthcare provider or patient reaches the organization’s call center, the information is tagged and recorded in accordance with standard record-keeping practices. Mavens helped the company integrate this information into a dynamic software tool, giving teams access to real-time information at their fingertips. In the field, Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) can use this information in context. Understanding the influence, behaviors, and treatment patterns of a particular provider or clinician allows MSLs to personalize their engagement, leading to a more robust and data-driven decision-making process. 

Through this software, MSLs are notified whenever a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), provider, advocacy group, payer, or other stakeholder reaches the medical information line. Based on their questions, the MSL may reach out directly to the caller with customized medical and scientific information based on their needs.

The ability to rapidly provide HCPs with tailored content can drive awareness of new standards of care and alert Life Sciences organizations to emerging issues and challenges.

By arming Medical Affairs teams with the software and technology needed to generate timely, actionable insights – along with a centralized hub of deep, patient-level data from across systems in an organization – Medical Affairs can respond to the needs of their key stakeholders, remaining nimble in the face of rapid changes. Ultimately, these streamlined and connected insights are essential to the work of Medical Affairs teams to improve patient outcomes.

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