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Seizing Our Moment: A Look Back On Another Incredible Year

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As we close the chapter on another unconventional year, we can’t help but feel like we’re living through a pivotal moment in the evolution of our culture, one that will be remembered as a tipping point for massive systemic change. Social justice, public health, wealth, human rights, technology and sustainability all faced a public reckoning this year, and although many of these conversations are in their infancy, it is evident that we are on the cusp of multiple transformations.

And we're proud that Komodo has been right in the middle of it.

This was the year that the world woke up to the historic challenges confronting healthcare and the enormous power that technology has to fix it. As leading life sciences companies, health plans, providers, advocacy groups and public health officials trained their sights on a common set of priorities that included not only the pandemic, but also stark disparities in care, a growing mental health crisis and persistent challenges to routine and preventive care, they increasingly turned to us for help.

Despite every challenge we’ve all faced, and there have been many, the Komodo Health team delivered unprecedented results for our clients, our partners, and each other, helping us continue to raise our game and our impact across healthcare. Here are some of our key highlights from 2021:

Growing our Impact
Our mission of reducing the burden of disease is one that can only be realized by growing our impact across healthcare.

This year, we continued to build on our strong foundation of rapid business expansion with a client roster of more than 100 organizations that span the healthcare and Life Sciences industries, from pharmaceutical manufacturers to patient advocacy groups, payers, digital innovators and startups. Insights from Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ are increasingly driving transformation to power the recommendations necessary to close gaps in care, accelerate innovation, and get breakthrough therapeutics into the hands of the patients who need them most.

We’ve also made meaningful investments that extend our market impact through the acquisitions of Mavens and Breakaway Partners, which brought our Healthcare Map™ together with leaders in enterprise software, medical affairs, patient services, and market access.

Our strategic partnerships with patient advocacy groups have also continued to expand, helping these critical patient lifelines expand access to care, advance new research, and improve patient and provider outreach activities across dozens of complex medical conditions.

Constant Innovation
We also continued to push the limits of what’s possible with new product development and expansion of our software to incorporate new data features, enterprise integration capabilities, and improved user experience across our solution suite. We expanded our software capabilities across all segments of our business, and developed solutions to unlock insights based on detailed patient behaviors and treatment patterns with an unprecedented level of precision, ease, and flexibility. We updated Prism and Sentinel to power the next generation of machine-learning innovation in healthcare, as Komodo further extends its leadership position as the insights backbone for healthcare insights.

We continually added to the depth, breadth, and diversity of our Healthcare Map data to ensure our position as the industry’s most comprehensive foundation for de-identified, real-world patient insights. For example, this year we launched our partnership with Blue Health Intelligence and deployed new demographic characteristics. And, our engineering team delivered new innovations and improvements to our solutions to drive faster time to market with Global & Congresses in Aperture and Iris, a more seamless user interface in Sentinel, and self-service and automation tools in Pulse.

Commitment to Culture
We also invested heavily in our team this year, making sure we keep our core values — Be Awesome, Seek Growth, Deliver “Wow” and Enjoy the Ride — at the center for our growing team of Dragons, all amid ongoing challenges associated with the pandemic and hypergrowth. We welcomed nearly 500 new “Dragons” (team members) and announced critical leaders, including our new Chief Technology Officer and Chief Revenue Officer to ensure our teams continue to be led by executives with the expertise and skills required for us to realize our outsized ambitions.

We launched three new affinity groups, established new Learning & Development initiatives, announced our new flexible working model to ‘make work work’, and built out virtual communities and activities to ensure all Dragons feel supported and empowered.

We doubled-down on our efforts to ensure Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in everything we do, including improving pay parity, reframing our job descriptions to attract a more diverse applicant pool, and expanding Komodo’s network by engaging members of the broader healthcare community in our health equity work.

Looking to the Future
Regardless of how the pandemic has impacted you personally, it’s safe to say this experience has brought our mission very close to home for all of us. We all want to help make our healthcare system better, reduce disease burden, and make our care system more efficient and effective for all patients. We are making amazing progress — possibly even making history along the way. But, there is still so much left to be done.

Like any pivotal moment in history, the individual choices and contributions we make today will play a critical role in driving better outcomes tomorrow. It’s powerful and humbling to see how far we’ve come, both this year and over the last seven. As we move forward in this journey, it will be important that we never lose sight of what is at stake and the focus of our mission: to reduce the global burden of disease.

It's important to remember that none of this progress is possible without the incredible team that's on this journey with us. We want to thank all of our Dragons for committing to our mission, our customers for choosing us as their partners, our investors for believing in our long-term vision, and our families, who have made this journey possible for us.

We have an opportunity to drive meaningful change and we’re looking forward to continuing to play a leading role in healthcare’s transformation next year. We're all excited to build, deploy, and continue growing to create a future we’ll be proud of. We invite everyone to join us in this adventure!

Yours Truly,
Web Sun & Arif Nathoo

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