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Reducing the Burden of Disease: “One Day” Starts Now


When Arif Nathoo, MD, and Web Sun co-founded Komodo Health nine years ago, they were frustrated by the fact that the U.S. has a higher disease burden and greater healthcare costs than other comparable countries and was failing to use data to effectively address these issues. They observed a system that suffered from institutional data silos and inflexible technology tooling. They knew there had to be a better way. Together, they saw an opportunity to harness data, technology, and clinical expertise to reimagine how healthcare decisions are made at the enterprise level, improve outcomes, and, ultimately, reduce the burden of disease.

Since then, we’ve made significant progress toward achieving this mission. With Komodo’s Healthcare Map™, we’ve built the most complete view of patient journeys in the U.S. Insights from the Healthcare Map have helped Life Sciences teams dive deep into real-world experiences, identifying trends and connecting the dots between patients and outcomes in ways that were previously unseen. In building our Map, we knew it wasn’t enough simply to have large quantities of data. We have continually invested in and advanced the foundation of our data strategy and infrastructure to provide high-quality, reliable, and trustworthy data that uncovers new insights and use cases across the enterprise. Our unique approach to data quality allows us to provide an accurate, comprehensive portrayal of patients and empowers the industry to transition to a patient-first approach.

But this is only the beginning. The combination of high-quality, high-fidelity patient journey data and continuous advancements in analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning opens doors for even deeper insights into patient journeys and disease trends.

“We have an incredible opportunity to solve some of the biggest challenges Life Sciences leaders face each and every day, with even more exciting advancements on the very near horizon,” said Web Sun, our Co-Founder and President, during his closing keynote at The One Day Summit. 

Komodo has always put the patient at the core of everything we do. To transform care, we must first understand the nuances of patient journeys at a population level. Only with these insights can we examine current trends in the healthcare landscape, from provider treatment patterns, disease epidemiology, and therapy adoption to formulary decisions and cutting-edge research — not to mention, make sense of the petabytes of real-world patient journey data generated every day from devices to EMRs. 

The legacy healthcare data landscape has made this difficult. Within Life Sciences organizations, data purchased from aggregators often sits in siloed functions, which necessitates continuous large-scale efforts to collect, organize, and share datasets. Ingesting, cleaning, and analyzing siloed data is difficult, and often it’s processed through expensive and convoluted infrastructures that don’t talk to one another. Often, teams end up hiring expensive outside consultants. Significant investments are made to unlock these insights, only for them to gather dust on a shelf. This model is expensive, and it isn’t repeatable or efficient. 

Fast-forward to today: Komodo’s Healthcare Map is now the gold standard for capturing and organizing complete journeys of patients across the U.S. Our Map serves as the foundation for a powerful suite of full-stack technology solutions that are driving the digital transformation strategies of the world’s Life Sciences leaders, top health plans, pioneering patient advocacy groups, and health tech innovators.

Based on the Map, we have brought the industry a single, unified platform for addressing a limitless number of pain points for stakeholders across healthcare — from finding rare disease patients and deepening provider engagement to understanding and improving disparities in care. 

In his closing remarks, Web emphasized the day’s biggest news, the announcement of Komodo’s newest offering, MapLab™ — the industry’s first comprehensive solution for the healthcare enterprise. We’ve built a system wherein all healthcare questions can be easily asked — and answered. Using MapLab, stakeholders across Life Sciences teams can work together from a single source of truth instead of working individually toward complementary aims. Teams can integrate data sources and analytics tools into a comprehensive platform that meets everyone’s needs. From market sizing to therapy adoption, users with all levels of technical expertise can query data and collaborate cross-functionally to uncover the deepest and most impactful insights. 

Ultimately, MapLab better equips Life Sciences teams to advance patient outcomes. Komodo has unlocked the future of insight generation for healthcare and Life Sciences innovators as part of our shared mission to reduce the burden of disease. We will continue to partner with industry leaders to drive the conversation on data quality, healthcare outcomes, and what democratizing access to insights really means with our powerful, higher-quality data integrated into the Healthcare Map, expanded platform capabilities, and increasingly powerful AI tools. “Our goal is to make you all the heroes for your organizations and for your patients,” Web explained. And today is Day One of that journey. 

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