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#OneKomodo: Bringing Our Values to Life


Since Komodo Health’s origins in 2014, our mission has been a rallying cry to bring together the best and brightest Dragons to achieve our shared goal to reduce the burden of disease. Our mission serves as our North Star, guiding everything we do as a business. 

While our mission inspires the work we do, our values — Be Awesome, Seek Growth, Deliver Wow, and Enjoy the Ride — embody how we work together. Our values have never been just words on a poster or a pithy phrase to put on slides. They underscore the decisions we make, the strategies we build, and how we work with customers, partners, and each other. They’re embedded in our processes and they keep us honest about where we need to do better. They are central to who we are as Dragons. 

In a time of unprecedented growth, it’s critical that these core values continue to resonate with Dragons as our company evolves. During this year’s company-wide offsite meeting, Komodo Week, we asked our Dragons what they loved about being at Komodo Health, and how they see our values come to life. As we work across teams, geographies, and customers, it’s clear our company values remain a cornerstone of our success, inspiring us to continue on our shared journey ahead.

Our Dragons are a diverse bunch! Co-workers hail from places as far flung as Belfast and Mumbai to the American heartland. The uniqueness and diversity reflected in our people make Komodo a stronger team, and we are all united around one common mission: To reduce the global burden of disease. Interested in joining the Komodo Health team? We’re hiring!

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