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MapLab: The Next-Generation Analytics and Insights Platform For Life Sciences


Komodo’s newest offering provides a single source of truth for the Life Sciences enterprise

Komodo Health MapLab PDFHave we reached a “golden era” of data-driven Life Sciences research and commercialization? Some would say we have, but I would challenge that notion. It is true, clinical trial timelines are shrinking as R&D teams and CROs deploy real-world evidence (RWE) to accelerate patient recruitment. And yes, commercial strategies have been transformed thanks to the ability to track detailed patient journeys in near real time. Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) teams have made huge advances linking patient behaviors to specific health outcomes. Yet, for all of the amazing progress, the insights workflow driving these advances in Life Sciences is far too painful — in fact, it is still fundamentally broken.

Data is still too difficult to share among different healthcare entities, making analytics that much more challenging. Even within a single Life Sciences organization, data is often siloed and difficult to access. Commercial teams procure and analyze an RWE dataset from one source while Medical Affairs teams use another. Analytics, IT, marketing, data science and data engineering teams work with different databases and different front-end analytics tools. Teams license so much disparate data and corresponding software to visualize and analyze these datasets, and outcomes and insights are still not linked or connected; many of these functions end up hiring armies of consultants just to untangle the knot and answer fundamental business questions. Yet the fidelity of insight remains inconsistent.

“The biggest problem we’re all facing is silos,” said Tara Grabowski, Partner and Chief Data Officer for Life Sciences at McKinsey & Company, at Komodo Health’s recent The One Day Summit. “It’s the Wild West. Companies are spending a ton of money on disparate datasets, and none is centralized. So they need to build a bunch of technology to organize it and create a more cohesive strategy across the entire organization.”

And what we see at Komodo is that this isn’t just a data problem. It’s also a technology problem. 

A Fully Integrated Platform To Support Data-Driven Life Sciences Research 

Addressing that pain point is the central thesis behind MapLab™, Komodo Health’s new, fully integrated insights workflow technology. MapLab is the first solution of its kind to combine the world’s largest dynamic database of real-world patient journeys with third-party applications and fully customizable analytics dashboards in an easy-to-use interface, creating a single, unified view of the patient experience for the entire enterprise.

With Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ as its foundation, MapLab is the most powerful AI-fueled insights engine available in the market today.

Market Share Dashboard Template, GLP1Seamlessly linking RWE, Komodo’s own analytics software, proprietary data, and, eventually, third-party applications and platforms like Slack, Salesforce, and others, MapLab makes it easy for different types of users to generate insights and power sophisticated analytics using a single, consistent framework as well as collaborate with colleagues via the preferred internal platforms and tools for sharing. Whether a brand manager needs point-and-click solutions or a developer is building custom analytics APIs for the enterprise, MapLab offers a fit-for-purpose experience where users of all levels of technical expertise can iterate effectively. With MapLab, users can ask — and answer — healthcare questions such as: how do I improve health equity in my trial design and approach, what is the epidemiology for my potential label, how are patients with this condition managed today, how has market share evolved over the past year in a certain geography? Answering these and other questions can have a profound impact on disease burden and patient outcomes. But until now, it’s always been incredibly difficult to answer them. 

Real-World Impact: Patient-Centric Insights With the Power To Improve Outcomes

In developing the first and only commercially available oral therapy to prevent attacks of a rare disease called hereditary angioedema (HAE), a leading biopharma’s Medical Affairs, Commercial, and HEOR teams engaged in a data-driven effort to better understand the effectiveness of their drug in the real world and educate providers on its value. 

Working together across a common RWE dataset with tools that allow critical insights to be shared across the enterprise, the organization is driving more personalized support for HAE patients and their providers much earlier in the typical patient journey. HEOR researchers and medical science liaisons analyzed the symptoms, disease burden, and care patterns associated with use of the drug and compared that to other current therapies to better understand therapeutic effectiveness. Commercial teams got a deeper understanding of the current patient landscape and provider prescription patterns to inform their outreach strategies. Armed with this information, the entire organization moved quickly to get this breakthrough treatment into the hands of those who need it most.

Transforming the Insights Workflow

MapLab Dashboard Template LibraryThe first MapLab modules, available to Komodo Health customers in Q4 2023, offer a growing library of pre-built analytic templates, codesets, and dashboards to quickly answer common questions across enterprise Life Sciences functions. These include comparing patient cohorts, measuring market share of a therapeutic, or identifying target HCPs/HCOs for a launch. Interactive and customizable dashboards built atop these templates allow users to quickly uncover unique insights and share them across the enterprise, breaking down the aforementioned silos.

Future expansion of MapLab will include the rollout of Komodo’s generative AI analytics assistant. Using natural language processing, this newly developed AI copilot leverages Komodo's platform services and pre-trained large language models to quickly deliver dashboards, insights, and information that is contextualized to unique business needs across Life Sciences enterprises. 

The RWE revolution in Life Sciences has opened up new opportunities to speed clinical development, improve the accuracy and fidelity of research, optimize commercialization strategies, and innovate to collectively reduce disease burden. Now it’s time to harness that power with practical workflow solutions that make it possible to do all of these more efficiently and consistently across Life Sciences. The moment has arrived with the introduction of MapLab, and we could not be more excited about the opportunities this technology creates to transform healthcare.

Read more about Komodo’s newest offering, MapLab.

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