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Komodo Health Sets Its Sights on Enterprise Life Sciences Transformation With Enhanced Workflow Tools and Consulting Services


The word “transformation” gets thrown around a lot these days. From advances in AI-powered analytics to innovations in the use of real-world evidence (RWE) for regulatory approvals to the explosion of data that has revolutionized commercial strategies, it’s hard to find any aspects of the Life Sciences workflow that have not undergone a massive transformation.

We have all been quick to celebrate these breakthroughs as a massive step forward for the industry, but it is also important to recognize the significant burden that comes with implementing these changes. Old habits die hard, and sudden pivots to data-driven physician and patient engagement and cloud-enabled analytics do not happen without significant operational and structural changes to support these new models.

Transforming Life Sciences Workflows
That’s why we’re so excited about the recent announcement of our Medical, Commercial, and Patient Services offerings to help Life Sciences leaders develop, implement, scale, and optimize efficiencies and capabilities across publication strategy, medical information management, and patient engagement workflows. 

Komodo’s 2021 acquisition of Mavens introduced an enterprise software platform into Komodo’s existing data and analytics solutions This next-level technology helps Komodo clients improve operational  efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Now, Komodo is helping the industry maximize the value of our workflow solutions with our Enterprise Strategy and Transformation unit. This team is focused on identifying new business opportunities and expanding relationships with leading pharmaceutical organizations. These companies can benefit most from best-in-class technology expertise across both Komodo and non-Komodo products, including cloud solutions from Salesforce, AWS, and more. 

Enterprise Technology, Personalized Execution
To extend our applications, Komodo’s Professional Services team implements three distinct technology solutions for medical and commercial Life Sciences’ needs: Medical Information Cloud, Komodo Publications Planning, and Komodo Care Connect, in addition to third-party offerings on leading cloud platforms. These solutions address a wide range of customer pain points, from cloud migration, medical inquiry management, and enterprise-wide information management to collaborative research, publication strategy alignment, and patient outreach and engagement. These software solutions are designed to help Life Sciences teams augment their investments in technology, accelerate their transition to digital operations, and maximize the advantages of healthcare innovations such as AI and machine learning.

Komodo’s Medical Information Cloud capability, for example, is currently supporting some of the world’s leading Life Sciences companies in delivering critical insights to hundreds of disparate team members working in research facilities around the globe. Similarly, interdisciplinary teams are tapping into Komodo Care Connect to measure the impact of patient services, drive continuous optimization, and inform patient adherence strategy. Global teams are utilizing Komodo Publications Planning to improve efficiency in writing and managing reviews and approvals of scientific communications across several authors and outside contributors. By providing previously disconnected team members with the same data-driven insights, these Life Sciences leaders are creating massive economies of scale and seizing new collaboration opportunities that were never before possible.

Komodo’s holistic approach to healthcare innovation has always included three closely intertwined layers: data, technology, and services. With our wealth of industry knowledge, we’ve already played a role in helping some of the world’s largest Life Sciences companies unlock the power of data and software to improve operations and ultimately drive better patient experiences and outcomes. We know we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible. We are thrilled to be supercharging our commitment to enterprise workflow applications to enhance Life Sciences’ ability to monitor, market, and deliver breakthrough therapies to the patients who need them most.

For more information about Komodo’s Professional Services team, check out our portfolio of solutions: Medical Information Cloud, Komodo Publications Planning, Komodo Care Connect.

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