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KOMODO HEALTH + MAVENS: Building the Healthcare Platform of the Future


If you’ve spent any time working in healthcare, you know that in order to improve care for tomorrow, you have to know what’s happening in the system today. And the only way to truly understand what’s happening in healthcare – to spot gaps in cancer care, screen for early signs of a chronic condition, or pinpoint the warning signs of a rare disease – is to track individual patient experiences at scale. While that may sound simple enough, massive fragmentation of healthcare data means this is easier said than done.

Doing this right requires acquiring as much information as possible and tracking every single encounter a patient has with the healthcare system – whether it’s in-network, out-of-network, in a hospital, a retail health clinic, a lab, or an emergency COVID-19 test site – to understand the complete patient experience at a very granular level. Getting that level of visibility is hard. Deploying it at scale is even harder.

To date, that’s exactly what healthcare companies have tried to do by acquiring fragmented data assets and building custom analytics solutions to better understand discrete patient populations. Fighting through a maze of siloed information and non-interoperable software, healthcare companies have spent enormous amounts of money but have failed to realize the goal of true visibility into real-world patient journeys.

And that’s what makes Komodo Health + Mavens so exciting. Komodo has spent the last several years building the world’s most comprehensive view of patient encounters with the US healthcare system and a suite of cloud-based analytics solutions that enable life sciences companies to interpret and extract critical insights from that data. Meanwhile, Mavens has been building a suite of software and applications that will help life sciences companies harness the cloud to seamlessly integrate critical insights and data into their enterprise workflow applications.

These two companies – both rooted in a shared desire to use data and technology to improve healthcare – have continued to grow rapidly, forging reputations as best-in-class healthcare technology companies. Komodo Health has scaled quickly since its founding, and as of today deploys its technology across more than 100 healthcare organizations spanning life sciences, patient advocacy, payers, labs, and research groups. Meanwhile, Mavens evolved from a Chicago-based start-up to a global force, leading the way as a technology innovator and pioneer of cloud-based solutions for life sciences.

We could not be more proud of the hard work, mission-driven focus, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit that both organizations have exhibited over the years. And while our unique company journeys make us exceedingly proud, now – together – we are poised to transform and exponentially magnify our impact across every part of the healthcare ecosystem.

That impact couldn’t come at a better time. Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the critical need for more accurate, timely delivery of information to inform better interventions and turbocharge new therapeutic developments. By infusing Komodo's Healthcare Map™ into the powerful enterprise applications Mavens offers today, we will bring to the market the next generation of AI- and ML-powered insights to improve both provider and patient engagement. We’ll help our clients drive speed and efficiency in clinical development, empower providers with the therapeutic insights they need to optimize care for their patients, and enhance the patient experience, achieving the ultimate goal of improving outcomes and care standards.

Today, Komodo Health is a global team of more than 400 technologists, data scientists, clinicians, and industry experts. Together we are on a mission to create a transformational enterprise platform that will deliver unrivaled, data-driven value to the life sciences industry. We will change systems of record into systems of insight. Bringing Mavens into the Komodo Health portfolio will enable our enterprise life sciences customers to benefit from deeper product integration and an expanded set of tools and capabilities that make reliable insights available across channels.

We are proud to be leading the charge – finding new and innovative ways to use data to solve healthcare’s biggest challenges.

We are still Komodo Health, just bigger, stronger, and even better poised to transform the future of healthcare, together.

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