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How RWE Is Transforming the Entire Drug Development Life Cycle


Over the last decade of data- and analytics-driven transformation in Life Sciences, we’ve seen countless examples of real-world patient data leveraged to improve individual components of the drug development process. 

Clinical trial timelines are accelerated by using predictive analytics to recruit ideal candidates and surface new investigators. Commercial strategies are informed by a more accurate, timely view of provider and patient behavior. Medical Affairs and HEOR/RWE teams are armed with more conclusive comparative effectiveness and outcomes research studies. But what happens when all of those pieces come together to transform the entire drug development life cycle?

Breaking Down the Silos
The legacy business model for most major Life Sciences companies has been to build an organizational structure around individual business units, which often share information and resources. But even the most integrated operations typically have been siloed. Each business unit would have its own disparate goals — design a clinical trial, choreograph patient recruitment, analyze comparative effectiveness, drive provider outreach — and each would work largely independently to optimize those processes. 

Along the way, that siloed approach leaves lots of valuable information and opportunities for collaboration and workflow improvements by the wayside. Gradually, some Life Sciences leaders are starting to break that paradigm by taking an enterprise approach to drug development rooted in real-world patient journeys. Using real-world evidence to unify the disparate parts of an organization around a single dataset and a patient-centric view of the world, it is possible to truly transform the way these business units work together. 

It's a phenomenon we’re frequently seeing. By using Komodo’s platform to track real-world patient journeys at scale, and designing clinical, commercial and medical affairs strategies based on that data, our clients are able to find new ways to innovate, collaborate, and find efficiencies of scale.

Rapid Insights for a Rare Disease
That’s precisely the approach that a rare disease team at one of the world’s leading Life Sciences companies has been taking with Komodo Health. Leveraging Komodo software to embed patient data analytics in everything from clinical development to medical affairs to commercialization, a cross-functional group has transformed its approach to rare disease by putting the real-world patient experience at the center of its enterprise-wide drug strategy.

By tracking patients from the moment they present with a first symptom to their trajectories over time across different specialists, lab tests, procedures, and therapies, the team immediately started finding new ways to work together. Patterns started to emerge among different therapeutic areas, and new ideas bubbled up from collective insights. 

The combination of depth and breadth of Komodo’s patient data — and the longitudinal view it gives across different conditions, patterns of diagnoses, and potential gaps in care — allows the team to focus on targeted therapeutic areas and change direction or course-correct when needed. From where to place a medical science liaison to best reach a target patient population to top-line drug development strategy and addressing questions such as how to intervene earlier for patients suffering from chronic disease, using patient-journey data ensures that cross-functional teams are making strategic decisions to achieve not only their individual goals, but also their shared objective of improving outcomes for rare disease patients. 

That cross-functional and cross-business-unit collaboration is a game-changer for Life Sciences teams that want to break the status quo and move nimbly to expand in new markets. Beyond obvious gains in efficiency, the approach is allowing the team to see the patient more holistically than ever before— to understand what the patient is really going through, find ways to address pain points, and close gaps in existing processes.

An Integrated Approach to Data, Analytics, and Meaningful Insights
This highly synchronized enterprise-wide approach to using data and analytics at scale across clinical, commercial, and research functions was made possible by Komodo’s platform model for software development. Multidisciplinary teams can now leverage Komodo’s specialized solutions for everything from clinical development all the way through to HEOR — all powered by a common data and technology framework — to transform drug development.

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