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Global Insights for the Medical Affairs Team of the Future

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As the global scientific community continues to wrestle with both the short- and long-term ramifications of the ongoing pandemic, the traditional methods of engaging medical and commercial key opinion leaders (KOLs) has been completely upended. A rapid increase in virtual scientific exchanges has emerged hand in hand with a transformation in how data is disseminated and the creation of an entirely new set of needs to support patients.

With an end to the pandemic still beyond the horizon, scientific data dissemination and clinical practice will continue to be fluid. As a result, Medical Affairs teams must operate with smarter, more timely, and informed insights to meet the needs of patients to achieve the best healthcare outcomes across geographies and care settings.

This is why we are combining our market-leading clinical data with global data and profiling capabilities, making Aperture the leading global Medical Affairs software platform for the new digital operating environment.

Introducing Global Data in Aperture

In this new landscape, the importance of Medical Affairs as a strategic source of clinical and scientific insights cannot be overstated. But in order to thrive in this role, Medical Affairs teams have to maintain traditional relationships with bibliometric opinion leaders to drive new studies of real-world encounters, clinical trials, and a broader understanding of the clinical and scientific value of therapies through scientific data.

By taking Aperture global, Komodo has been able to help Medical Affairs teams do exactly that.

Aperture provides the most powerful source of clinical data alongside global scientific and social insights. This helps engage the right healthcare providers influencing the delivery of care around the world. The addition of global scientific and KOL data equips Medical Affairs professionals with a 360-degree view into the most influential HCPs worldwide. Medical Affairs teams will now be able to identify, profile, and engage the most influential global opinion leaders by accessing data covering global meetings, clinical trials, publications, advisory boards, organizing committees, editorial boards, regulatory affiliations, and social and digital media sources, as well as patient-centric clinical data and insights.

Among other new features:

  • Rapid Decision-Making: Combining clinical and global insights allows global Medical Affairs teams to create more informed launch strategies to actively influence scientific data dissemination across areas of interest
  • Equip Teams With Powerful Intelligence: Aperture arms teams with scientific, bibliometric, and social media insights to engage with HCPs at the right time for the right initiative across all geographies to both home office and field medical science liaisons
  • Consolidate Platforms: By leveraging Aperture, Medical Affairs teams will be empowered to drive strategy development and engagements across global geographies through a centralized knowledge management tool, reducing their reliance on multiple external channels
In this new environment, Medical Affairs teams have needed to adapt to survive. At a time when data-driven intelligence has never been more crucial, Komodo’s most recent updates to Aperture have made it possible for these professionals to not just survive, but thrive.

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