For the Health of It: BLKHLTH Matters


In this episode of For the Health of It, guest host Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO, and Co-Founder of Komodo Health™, spoke with Khadijah Ameen, MPH, and Matthew McCurdy, MPH, two of the Co-Founders of BLKHLTH, a nonprofit advocacy group that partners with health professionals, organizations, and Black communities to better understand healthcare inequities and brainstorm solutions with those who are impacted most. 

Khadijah and Matthew discussed the importance of using data-driven evidence to elucidate population-wide trends and inform and advocate for policy changes that address racial health disparities. They also emphasized the role that community-focused care provides, and the need to develop system-level solutions that include the perspectives of Black patients, providers, and leaders.

In light of Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, our panelists discussed Komodo and BLKHLTH’s joint analysis of racial health disparities in colorectal cancer, which sheds light on critical gaps in care and the disproportionate burden of this disease on Black patients. By bringing together data-driven insights, informed policies, inclusive programs, and meeting and supporting patients in the communities where they are, BLKHLTH believes we can transform the system to increase access, provide better care, and ultimately, improve outcomes for Black patients. 

Read Komodo Health and BLKHLTH’s analysis of colorectal cancer care disparities in the latest Research Brief, “Pattern of Late Diagnosis and Delayed Treatment Results in Worse Outcomes for  Black Americans with Colorectal Cancer.”

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