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For the Health of It: A Data-Driven Passion


In this episode of For the Health of It, host Lauren Stahl, Head of Sales, Komodo Health™, spoke with Aracelis Torres, PhD, MPH and SVP, Customer Solutions and Quantitative Sciences, Verana Health. A partner of Komodo’s since 2021, Verana Health and Komodo joined forces to bring an added dimension of insights to real-world patient journeys, empower physicians, and accelerate research for patients.

As SVP of Customer Solutions and Quantitative Sciences, Aracelis brings a unique perspective on the role data plays in delivering advancements for healthcare technology users. “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts,” she told us, and nowhere is that more true than in healthcare data. Rather than relying on only a single, siloed data such as EHR or claims data, Aracelis shared her perspective on the benefits that a linked, connected dataset could offer; one that could provide deeper insights that span the drug development life cycle— from trial and study planning and post-approval to commercialization of new disease assets.

Data isn’t valuable to only Life Sciences companies. Aracelis detailed the exciting partnership Verana has with three major medical societies. Verana is responsible for managing the data in a shared medical registry, harmonizing data across over 70 distinct EHRs to generate insights and help propel industry understanding of real-world activity derived from clinical documentation patterns. 

Aracelis said it best: “There's a lot of passion about data. But there's also a lot of passion about quality data, ensuring that there is high transparency, high visibility, to really generate meaningful insights.” Komodo is proud to share that passion and, through our partnership with Verana, is committed to delivering the insights needed to achieve our mission of reducing the burden of disease.

Read more about Komodo’s work with Verana Health.

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