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Fast Facts: Lung Cancer


Up-to-date insights on disease, treatment, and care based on real-world data from Komodo's full-stack healthcare analytics platform.

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Of lung cancer diagnoses in the U.S., it’s estimated that patients younger than 55 account for 10% of cases, and those younger than 35 account for about 1.4%. Experts agree that early-onset cases of lung cancer typically manifest differently from those in older patients and can be particularly aggressive. The drivers of this trend are largely unknown and are not explained by smoking history, but obesity as well as genetic and socioeconomic factors are all thought to play roles. Current research leaves many questions unanswered, so it is imperative that we seek to better understand the experiences and journeys of these younger lung cancer patients to drive better diagnosing, care, and outcomes. 

Our latest Fast Facts highlighting lung cancer provides up-to-date, patient-level insights into the most recent trends in this deadly and shifting disease. We found that younger patients are more likely to be diagnosed by an emergency physician and to present with nonspecific symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain. We also found that younger patients tend to receive treatment more quickly after diagnosis. 

In order to identify and shape the most effective strategies to combat lung cancer – including screening protocols, public and provider awareness campaigns, treatment pathways, and public policies – healthcare stakeholders need the most in-depth insights based on high-fidelity real-world data. Our Fast Facts analyses are performed using Komodo’s full-stack platform built atop data from over 330 million patient journeys. We know that the toughest health challenges require a united front to enable progress. In our mission to reduce the burden of disease, we aim to provide insights that help inform the work of federal and state agencies, policymakers, academic institutions, payers, drugmakers, and advocacy organizations to drive meaningful change for patients.

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