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Fast Facts: Cervical Cancer


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download-cervical-cancer-fast-factsCervical cancer is largely preventable. Vaccination, regular screening, and treatment of high-risk cellular changes could make deaths from cervical cancer a relatively rare phenomenon among adult women. But we have a long way to go: the CDC estimates that just under 60% of adolescents had up-to-date HPV vaccinations and, as of 2019, roughly 34% of adult women hadn’t received a pap test in the previous three years. As we saw in our own 2022 analysis, this gap has now increased. 

Our 2022 analysis also found that preventative measures provided by several medical specialties play key roles in lowering cervical cancer prevalence and mortality. These measures have become especially important right now, as so many women missed screenings during the pandemic — a decline that, as of last year, has not been made up for by an above-normal cervical screening rate.

In our first Fast Facts, we shine a light on cervical cancer. Our findings encourage urgent action among advocates, governments, and healthcare providers to limit preventable cases of cervical cancer and reduce the burden of disease.

Read our cervical cancer Fast Facts here.

Read more about how preventative measures from several specialties can help make up for the recent lag in screenings.

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