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Access to Reproductive Healthcare: A Statement From the Komodo Health Co-Founders


As co-founders of Komodo Health, we spend every day thinking about how we can break down barriers to care and surface new insights that reduce the burden of disease. The Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, which reversed Roe v. Wade and eliminated the Constitutional right to an abortion, is a sobering reminder that access to safe, high-quality medical care cannot be taken for granted, and we are deeply saddened about this step backward in our history.

We share concerns expressed by leading providers and policymakers. The repeal of Roe v. Wade will have a devastating impact on women’s health. It will deepen the existing disparities in our healthcare system. It will hamper workforce gender equity and economic parity. And, it will impose barriers to essential medical care – care that people often need during their most vulnerable, personal moments.

These are facts rooted in real-world evidence. In the 26 states that will be most heavily impacted by the ruling, we’ve already seen a 10% reduction in reproductive services providers. The data makes it clear: access to care is in jeopardy for a large segment of the population. As an industry, we must address this issue.

As allies, we each bring our own unique experiences to this issue. From pregnancy complications in our own families, to what we've seen in medical training, to the disparities we see in our own data, we understand the gravity of this situation. We are heartbroken for those who will lose essential access to care and the families that may be shattered as a result.

As an employer, we will continue to advocate for gender equity in the workforce and we are very focused on ensuring that our team is empowered to access the care they need. Abortion care will still be covered under our healthcare plans, which are underwritten out of CA. We're introducing travel coverage, and we are updating our parental leave policies to offer paid leave for those who experience miscarriage or pregnancy termination for any reason.

Komodo Health was founded on the core belief that data and evidence are essential to alleviate healthcare disparities, close gaps in care, and accelerate new medical breakthroughs. Our commitment now is to use our insights to continue our mission, focusing on the additional disease burden that will be placed on too many Americans, and working together with colleagues, partners, and clients to do everything we can to provide even greater transparency into current care practices, opportunities for intervention, and support for better outcomes for all.

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