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One Day, We Will Accelerate Access to Breakthrough Innovations


Recently, unprecedented medical innovations have led to powerful new treatments for patients all over the world. And thankfully, advancements are not slowing down anytime soon. However, with these new breakthroughs come access challenges and a growing divide between the “haves” and the “have nots” of healthcare. While there is widespread alignment across healthcare stakeholders on the need to address barriers to care, it’s a challenge that continues to plague our entire health system.

We believe that with the help of technology, data, and real-world evidence (RWE), we can begin to break down these barriers to ensure patients get more personalized access to care faster — regardless of their race, ethnicity, income, or zip code. 

During Komodo Health’s The One Day Summit, Annie Lamont, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Oak HC/FT, moderated a conversation among Josh Sackman, President and Co-Founder of AppliedVR, Anjee Davis, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Molly Harper, Chief Business Officer at Synlogic, to discuss what Life Sciences and advocacy organizations are doing to help overcome systemic hurdles.


Using Data To Inform Policymakers on Care Gaps
For patient advocacy groups, data is often the key in conversations with policymakers. When equipped with a compelling case showing exactly how a certain population can benefit from a medical intervention, there is a far greater chance that decision-makers will prioritize action and change. By strategically leveraging data-driven insights, advocacy groups and their decision-making stakeholders are empowered to improve patient trajectories and unlock new solutions for their patient populations. 

Anjee discussed how Fight Colorectal Cancer partnered with Komodo and the White House’s Cancer Moonshot initiative to use RWE that can be actionable in a short period of time. Advocacy organizations can act as collaborators across stakeholder groups to embrace the innovations that digital health companies are producing and show policymakers how these tools can improve patient outcomes. 

When datasets are limited to certain populations and exclude others, or when they only show a small portion of the patient journey, it’s difficult to generate insights that policymakers can rely on as they triangulate how, why, and where to deploy a new solution or policy. But with the ability to gather and utilize representative RWE, shepherded by advocacy groups and patient organizations, policymakers can make faster, more informed decisions. Ultimately, these insight-driven shifts in policy can save lives.  

Why Data Quality Is Essential To Pave the Way to Access 
Data quality, as always, is key. Advocates, innovators, and policymakers may often invest and make calculated decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate data. By using comprehensive data to mitigate bias and reach precise, reliable insights, we can minimize resource waste and give stakeholders more efficient tools to better understand patient groups across the country.

It takes myriad stakeholders across the industry to make sure data is appropriately queried so that it generates evidence that can actually change care. How can the healthcare community come together to deliver more credible and useful data and insights? By leveraging the technology, analytics, and enterprise software available to make informed decisions that drive meaningful progress for patients. 

Power of Patient Voices
Patient voices have the potential to drive meaningful change in healthcare more rapidly than anything else. Bringing data to life through patient stories can be one of the most powerful ways to communicate urgency. As Josh discussed on the panel, it’s hard to not be touched by what a patient is going through personally. Linking patient narratives to specific data points or recommendations will make a greater impact than data alone. But as he said, “Data without a story is just data. And a story without data is just an anecdote.”

Innovative digital health companies are developing powerful tools that offer clear snapshots of what’s happening in patients’ real lives. Insights like how many patients struggling with a condition return for follow-up appointments or which subgroups are more likely to engage in preventive care can build a more robust picture of healthcare access and utilization. By connecting these data points with real patient voices, healthcare stakeholders can catalyze transformative decisions that make equitable care a reality.  

One Day: Achieving Better Access to Lifesaving Treatments 
During this discussion, we heard from visionaries who understand that data, when wielded with purpose, can rewrite the narrative of healthcare access. Advocacy groups armed with RWE-powered insights can inspire policy shifts that save lives. Life Sciences teams embrace the technology and analytics that can help break down systemic barriers and access to care. Together, in our shared mission to reduce the burden of disease, we envision a future of healthcare where technology and advocacy work together to improve access and outcomes for all patients.

Read more about the in-depth discussions at Komodo's The One Day Summit, where we explored how technology is shaping the future of healthcare — one day.

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