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A Culture of Recognition


At Komodo Health, we are fortunate to work alongside many of the most highly motivated and intellectually curious colleagues we've ever met. That motivation is largely driven by the company's ambitious mission to reduce the global burden of disease. But it's also rooted in our culture of recognition, where each of us is seen and acknowledged for the contributions we make. Beyond its benefits for performance, feeling recognized affects how satisfied we feel at work, which affects our health and well-being. Recognition in its many forms is a key part of Komodo’s goal to create a values-based workplace where everyone feels motivated to grow, learn, and be a great teammate while delivering exceptional outcomes and impact. 

At Komodo, we reward outperformance based on more than just outcome metrics. We provide both financial and non-financial incentives for high levels of performance and for the embodiment of the values that make Komodo an awesome place to work — like kindness, empathy, positive collaboration, and curiosity. Our programs make it easy for recognition to flow in all directions: from managers to their teams, from clients to Dragons, from Founders to all levels of the company, and from one peer to another within and across teams. 

Our Peer Bonus Program empowers Dragons to recognize each other. Initially created by the Engineering Team in 2016, this program has scaled company-wide and lets every Dragon celebrate and share when a colleague has exemplified our values. Dragons nominate each other for living our values of delivering wow, being awesome, enjoying the ride, and seeking growth. Recipients receive a Slack shout-out and a $25 gift card. 
BLOG JP Rinfret_0414The Founders' Incentive Program (FIP) is our non-quota, company-wide bonus program. Through FIP, we recognize business impact and contributions alongside evaluations of how Dragons live our values, putting equal stock in both. We reward Dragons who are kind, collaborative, supportive, or growth oriented in how they achieve their goals, while also rewarding what they achieve, offering Dragons the possibility to receive more than 100% of their bonus target when exceeding expectations.
BLOG-Tangina Ahmed_0413Finally, the Founders’ Club Awards are celebrated during the closing ceremonies of our annual company-wide offsite, Komodo Week. The Founders' Club Awards are based on the feedback and input of clients, Komodo Leadership, and peers, and recognize the outstanding contributions of Dragons who go above and beyond to exemplify our values, deliver wow for our customers, and drive our business forward.

But beyond these awesome programs, recognition is also woven into the fabric of our culture, from celebrating wins and accolades from customers in Slack channels, to shouting out projects that show exemplary dedication to building innovative products and serving our customers' needs during our weekly All Hands meeting. 

At Komodo Health, our values-based philosophy and pay practices are integral to building the teams and empowering the people we’re proud to work with. Recognition and compensation are just two of many reasons Dragons choose to join us as we deliver on our mission to reduce the burden of disease.

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