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Komodo Week 2020: Dragons Unite to Soar Higher

Komodo Health

You put in your time and energy every day to Komodo Health, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that you are putting in the effort for a good cause - Dr. Arif Nathoo, Co-founder/CEO

You are part of the team - no matter where you are - Web Sun, Co-founder/President
#soaringhigher #komodoweek

Web Sun, Co-founder/President (left) and Dr. Arif Nathoo, Co-founder/CEO (right)
welcomed dragons to Las Vegas

You might not have heard much from Komodo Health last week.  That’s because all 226 dragons from across the nation flew to Las Vegas to align on our mission and goals for the year. 

Welcome to Komodo Week!

The annual event -- the largest in Komodo Health’s history -- brought together all Komodo Health employees, from east to west coasts (and everywhere in between), with a combined goal of moving forward in our mission to reduce the burden of disease in 2020. 

Working Hard

The Komodo Leadership Team (KLT) answered questions from our dragons 

The all-day brainstorming sessions featured group and break out meetings that highlighted our challenges and goals for 2020. Heads down, we discussed how we -- together and individually -- plan to accomplish these ambitious plans over the next 11 months. We explored the wildly different functions in the company, from data engineering, to sales development, to recruiting for our People team (psssst. we're hiring!). Together, we played our own version of Shark Tank, good-naturedly competing to improve processes across the organization. Our hashtag, #soaringhigher, underscored every meeting, every encounter, every idea.

Staying Focused

Komodo Health women bonded over breakfast

Although we expect to grow and, yes, soar, we know it’s crucial to stay grounded in some ways. Organizational growth can be difficult; companies sometimes lose the essence of their magic in the process. Our values were reinforced as vital elements of who we are. All dragons were encouraged to continue to learn from the world and each other, to collaborate, to listen, and to stay humble while working together toward our ambitious plans to change healthcare in America.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

Some dragons played blackjack. Others showed off their mad karaoke skills

While the work was intense and our goals lofty, it was Vegas. 

Each day ended with a tandem, tired exhale. Meals and events allowed all dragons to meet, bond, and match faces with Slack channels. We celebrated with departmental dinners, at ice breaking meet-ups, and, memorably, at our annual karaoke night that featured party hats, feather boas, and some serious talent that earned awesome prizes at the end of the week.

While only a few won an iPad or Fitbit, we jetted home on Friday knowing we all received a special prize: We shared the week together. Having the luxury to meet, work, and celebrate with some of the most passionate, ambitious, mission-driven professionals in healthcare tech humbled us all. Our work isn’t easy. It’s seriously ambitious. We are creating an operating system for the next generation of healthcare technology so that payers, providers, life sciences, and technology companies can radically improve their decisions as they drive toward value and quality in our care system. 

We’re doing something completely different. We’re doing it together. 

Komodo Week reminds us that we are all one Komodo Health.

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