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International Women’s Day Spotlight: Women Leaders at Komodo Health

Komodo Health

Komodo Health is lucky to be led by several passionate and inspirational women. Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting the stories of three of our senior leaders and what inspires their work:

Julie Rogers, VP of People and Experience:
“I’ve seen the power and impact of fully engaged, empowered, and supported people – I wake up every day motivated to poke at and break traditional approaches to people practice, gaining insights into how to inspire and motivate people, and create an environment for them to do their best ever work.”

Saiba Sabherwal Saxena, Chief Financial Officer:
“I feel truly inspired by the work we’re doing at Komodo Health to reduce the global burden of disease. I love that our mission is centered on patients and improving health outcomes, in partnership with amazing teams across life science and patient advocacy organizations — I find that truly impactful.”

Harveen Sethi, VP of Product and Design:
“‘Lead’ the change you want to see. I love inspiring teams with audacious goals and vision to deliver impactful, innovative products rooted in design thinking. I’ve always been most energized when working with smart, bold, creative teams who thrive on disrupting status quo and solving hard, meaningful problems.

As a health tech nerd, I’ve long been passionate about the intersection of data, devices, and technology to transform healthcare access and treatment. I’m super excited about working with an awesome team to apply data science and AI in building game changing healthcare products to drive greater patient impact.”

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