University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Taps Komodo Health Platform To Power Real-World Evidence Research

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Studies Will Examine Social Determinants of Health, Impact of Policy on Access, and Pandemic-Driven Disruptions to Healthcare Delivery

SAN FRANCISCO (September 21, 2022) – Today, Komodo Health announced a new partnership with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (UMSOP), providing its researchers and clinicians with access to Komodo’s technology platform and patient-level insights for a variety of population health research initiatives. UMSOP researchers will investigate disruption in access to healthcare services and treatment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This news follows a series of collaborations with leading health outcomes researchers from Pfizer, Stanford University, and more — leveraging Komodo’s technology to produce rich, actionable insights on the industry's most pressing challenges, ranging from COVID-19 to cardiovascular health to cell and gene therapy.

“As we study the impacts of the pandemic on disease detection and preventive care, Komodo’s platform offers a window into patient-level insights that are not typically accessible for health outcomes research,” said Joey Mattingly, PharmD, MBA, PhD, associate professor at UMSOP. “The past two and a half years have illuminated — and exacerbated — the role of social factors in access to and quality of care; with Komodo’s research-grade insights and technology, we will now have unprecedented visibility into the full range of factors that contribute to healthcare outcomes, including the historically overlooked role of social determinants.”

The School of Pharmacy’s research will initially be centered around disruptions to care caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of public policy on health and improving access to care. UMSOP researchers will also utilize Komodo’s platform across a range of other health conditions to measure the financial burden of disease and social determinants of health facing patients as they navigate through the healthcare system.

“By engaging in robust, multidisciplinary research, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is helping to deepen the industry’s understanding of social determinants of health and outcomes, including the pandemic’s ripple effects across the health system,” said Arif Nathoo, CEO and Co-Founder, Komodo Health. “We’re proud to support the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in advancing research that could help inform public health policy, drive new strategies for disease management, and support the broader scientific community in understanding and addressing disparities in care to make a meaningful difference for the entire population.”

Through the Sentinel application, Komodo’s platform provides an environment to not only create patient cohorts from Komodo’s Healthcare Map™, but also build advanced algorithms on top of those patient cohorts to unlock precise insights and evidence that allow stakeholders across the industry, including Life Sciences and academia, to augment decision making that can positively impact patient outcomes. In contrast to legacy health datasets and aggregators, Komodo’s platform offers access to unique, nuanced insights on patient outcomes, including clinical biomarkers and laboratory tests, patient-reported outcomes, and symptom scales, that will enable the UMSOP team to expand its research and, in turn, deepen education for the next generation of healthcare professionals. With access to secure, compliant de-identified patient insights, researchers can identify treatment patterns, address new or existing health challenges, and isolate touchpoints of a target patient group at critical junctures of care. UMSOP will also have access to Sentinel’s range of proprietary analytic modules, which can be used for advanced market assessment, patient journey analytics, patient finding, advanced segmentation, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research.

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About the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
Established in 1841, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is ranked 14th out of more than 140 schools of pharmacy by U.S. News & World Report. The School is a thriving center for professional and graduate education, pharmaceutical care, research, and community service. Its faculty create the future of pharmacy by pioneering new roles for pharmacists in advanced clinical practice and conducting cutting-edge research in drug discovery and development, comparative effectiveness and patient-centered outcomes, and disease management. A contemporary curriculum, innovative educational experiences, and strategic professional relationships help to inspire excellence in the School’s more than 1,200 students, residents, and postdoctoral fellows. The School offers 10 academic programs: Doctor of Pharmacy; PhD programs in Palliative Care, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, and Pharmaceutical Sciences; and MS programs in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, Palliative Care, Pharmaceutical Health Services Research, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacometrics, and Regulatory Science. With a research portfolio of more than $32 million in grants and contracts, the School is ranked 16th by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy amongst schools of pharmacy. In 2017, the School launched its exclusive Pharmapreneurship™ program, which describes the School's commitment to supporting and best positioning both faculty and students to achieve their career aspirations and address our nation's healthcare challenges. 

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