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Transforming Data Into Insights

Komodo's Healthcare Map™ captures the longitudinal, real-time healthcare journeys of ~330 million unique patients in the U.S. Use fit-for-purpose solutions to access the Healthcare Map and quickly obtain accurate, granular insights into every facet of commercialization, from understanding disease incidence and referral and treatment patterns to assessing patient behaviors and outcomes.

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The industry’s first scalable, all-in-one offering for insight generation to understand disease trends, treatment pathways, patient populations, and more


HCP profiling software that provides deep insights into a clinician's influence that extends beyond traditional scientific analyses


Brand planning software that analyzes the clinical, therapy, scientific, and social data to better inform all aspects of commercial strategy


Clinical alerting software for field and non-personal engagement that enables more timely interventions along the patient journey


Comprehensive data and analytics development toolkit that supports custom analytics and dashboard development
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