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Charting a Path for Healthcare

Komodo Health

Five years ago, when we were dreaming up Komodo Health in a California basement, we saw an opportunity to dramatically change the way that healthcare insights could be harnessed to improve patient outcomes and reduce disease burden across America.


After spending over 25 years of our collective lives working at the intersection of research, business, and medicine, we knew that software was capable of driving a fundamental change to how we think about improving disease. But how could we get there? 

At the time, we saw an industry that relied on surveys, market research, and slide decks created by expensive consultants. Existing market data was fragmented, hidden away in different silos, and riddled with holes. There was no single source of truth that companies could rely on to understand healthcare. As a result, it was difficult to track the diversity of how patients actually experience the healthcare system, which is crucial to tackling disease.

The business of healthcare data analytics was equally fragmented, with different organizations targeting different functions. Legacy data aggregators resold data. Consultants enlisted research companies to survey doctors in an attempt to fill in data gaps. System integrators offered infrastructure to warehouse fragmented, but often overlapping, datasets. Meanwhile, big technology companies started hyping the AI revolution, but with the same approach of building expensive, custom software that would be outdated by the time it was implemented.

We knew the time was ripe to disintermediate all these different ways companies tried to arrive at answers. It was time to build the ground truth of healthcare and start analyzing trends to better understand and predict disease.

Flash Forward: 

Step by step, we pulled together our first-of-its-kind Healthcare Map™, which tracks the unique patient journeys of over 320 million de-identified individuals. Today, we capture 15 million new clinical encounters every day from hundreds of sources, creating what we call a “fully verticalized patient experience,” pinpointing all the places each individual receives care across their medical journey. 

Our approach is distinctly different from anything else in the marketplace. We connect the dots between disparate data sources, aiming to capture every single encounter with the healthcare system. Then, we apply machine learning to both reconstruct missing parts of past journeys and predict future behaviors in healthcare. Our map has become a platform for healthcare improvement – a linkable source of truth updated in real-time that serves as the scaffolding for Komodo’s software and enables third-party application development.

Making an Impact:

But building the Map wasn’t enough to drive the change we wanted to see. We knew the future was in building world class enterprise applications. We invested heavily in engineering to automate our pipelines. We brought together world class data scientists and clinical informaticists to deeply understand what we were seeing in the data. We enlisted designers to create a winning user experience.

Pulling this together, we are leading the charge on understanding how disease presents across the country and helping our clients direct resources where they are needed most. We offer three Software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that deliver powerful intelligence to help address healthcare challenges ranging from cost and quality to misdiagnosis and healthcare disparities:


Aperture highlights regional disparities, pinpoints providers’ treatment patterns, and helps direct patients to the experts and resources they need.

Pulse is a predictive alert system that can piece together seemingly disconnected symptoms to identify undiagnosed disease, from common ailments to ultra-rare conditions 

Serenity enables rapid analyses of patient cohorts to deepen epidemiological insights, allowing providers and payers to have a broader understanding of the populations they serve.

Taken together, we empower a multitude of healthcare stakeholders to create a more cost-effective, value-driven healthcare system. More than 70 healthcare organizations currently license Komodo Health’s platform and solutions, spanning life sciences, government agencies, patient advocacy, payers, labs, and research groups. 

Each success we achieve allows us to reinvest in the Healthcare Map™, a platform that we will constantly continue to build to ensure it is the most robust and complete in the industry. 

We are creating an operating system for the next generation of healthcare technology so that payers, providers, life sciences, and technology companies can radically improve the decisions they make as they drive toward value and quality in our care system. We’re doing something completely different.

Five years after we emerged from that California basement, we are proud to say that we are now a team of more than 200 talented, mission-driven individuals on the road to solving healthcare’s biggest challenges. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing how, together, we can solve problems using rich insights from Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden of disease.

That is our goal. We are Komodo Health.

** Pictured above: Co-founder/President, Web Sun (L) and Co-founder/CEO Dr. Arif Nathoo (R)

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