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Frost & Sullivan Names Komodo Health RWE Company of the Year

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Komodo Health has unified healthcare data to create a single source of truth for all healthcare actors.

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US Data Map

Data is our differentiator

Our Healthcare Map™ ingests information about more than 15 million new patient encounters a day, capturing the experiences of more than 320 million Americans as they move through the healthcare system. We continuously add to data sources and clinical encounters to ensure our platform is the most current, complete and connected. That data, our Healthcare Map™, is the foundation on which we build our SaaS applications as well as the developer ecosystem our partners can use to rapidly and confidently innovate and deliver market value.

  • Depth Komodo Health captures three to six times more encounter data for patients due to our "payer-complete" approach. Because we gather encounter data directly from more than 150 payers (including the Medicare QE dataset), we avoid the claims blocking process that can occur as information passes through claims clearinghouses. Capturing every patient interaction with the healthcare system -- diagnoses, procedures, treatments and tests -- informs more insightful analytics.
  • Enrichment Our array of partnerships with leading healthcare companies allows us to enrich the Healthcare Map™ with other sources of data – for example, lab, genomic, EHR, client-specific – to deepen our understanding of the patient journey through greater data specificity.
  • Actionability We link this deidentified patient-level data together through a unique, tokenized process that simultaneously protects data from reidentification. Because we can associate all data with healthcare providers and organizations, we can provide in-depth insights into not only behaviors but also improvement opportunities.

Our Solutions


Reveals all of healthcare’s intricate connections: between patients and providers, between providers and institutions, between research and funding, between diagnosis and treatments, and between treatments and outcomes.


Alerts those in a position to positively influence disease burden to a range of important clinical information, such as patients with possibly undiagnosed diseases or patients who might be ready for a specific therapy now.


Gives you the freedom and flexibility to tap into our proprietary Healthcare Map™ to explore and analyze patient cohorts, generating powerful insights in minutes that drive better results.

Life Sciences

Empower medical affairs, commercial and other teams with the critical information they need to drive therapy adoption, including support for brand strategy, launch planning and medical engagement.

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Build the best provider networks and fuel highly effective care management programs with data and analytics you can trust to appropriately assess risk, predict future member and provider behaviors, and identify pathways to better outcomes.

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Accelerate the transformation to value-based care by fairly evaluating performance based on patient outcomes and costs, as well as revealing opportunities to improve standards of care, close care gaps and speed the path to more effective treatments.

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Research and Innovation

Gain insights into healthcare utilization and outcomes to uncover opportunities to improve care standards, access, education and more.

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Patient Advocacy

Guide individuals with unique conditions to the providers and organization best suited to help them; uncover opportunities to educate individuals and providers, improve care standards and fund promising new research; and keep your finger on the pulse of changes in disease burden and patient flows.

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“Our partnership with Komodo Health enables us to better support community-based healthcare providers who serve families in the greatest need.”
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