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For the Health of It: Live From HIMSS 2021



How will the new frontier of digital healthcare improve access and outcomes across demographic divides? That’s one question we explored during an exclusive For the Health of It conversation at HIMSS 2021. 

In this discussion, Komodo’s Chief Marketing Officer Bill Evans sits down with Jay Compton, Deloitte Healthcare’s Chief Technology and Product Officer. They explore the roles of data and technology design to address what Jay sees as the top priority over the next ten years: equity in healthcare. You’ll hear about the roadblocks standing in the way of that goal – and the trends emerging to meet those challenges. For one, Jay argues, incorporating new sources of behavioral, social, and healthcare data will allow us to make fewer assumptions based on broad demographics and power our capacity to dismantle obstacles in access to care.

“The data that empowers [the digital] experience is often fragmented or siloed, and that makes the experience a lot harder to render across the continuum for a particular person."

-- Jay Compton, Chief Technology and Product Officer, Deloitte Healthcare

In this episode of For the Health of It, Jay shares his take on, “the humanization of healthcare”; how we can approach health data to maximize our opportunity to bring advanced technology to the biggest challenges in healthcare. He talks about the importance of the user experience to move the needle on outcomes, and how we can use insights to better predict healthcare needs before they arise, from mental health to chronic disease.

The conversation also touches on the evolving landscape of privacy, give-to-get user data, and how design processes will need to change to keep up with security amidst the growing proliferation of healthcare data. 

Tune in to this fascinating discussion on health tech and social change, and learn how new technologies are helping to close gaps in care. 

To read the full transcript of the conversation, click here.

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