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Building a Great Company: Empowering Dragons To Do Their Best Work and Live Their Best Life


One year after announcing our flexible work policy, our People team is updating our approach to ensure all Dragons can bring their best selves to work.

Last year, Komodo Health formally evolved to adopt a “hybrid work” approach. This means our Dragons are able to work in whatever space best suits their lives and work styles – whether that be in the office, in their homes, or both. We have vibrant office hubs in several locations, and we also have Dragons who remain incredibly engaged and productive in a work-from-home setting. Giving our teams the choice to “make work work” for them has been empowering for many, and we can already see the benefits.BLOG A Culture of Recognition_Jesse Hou (1)BLOG A Culture of Recognition_ Elizabeth Harwood (1)BLOG A Culture of Recognition_Chase Webb (1)

Komodo has always had a flexible time-off policy. As long as there is alignment with business and team schedules, we are far more focused on helping our people produce their best work than we are on rigid adherence to a calendar. In fact, we’ve even introduced internal programs like “Do Not Schedule” calendar blocks, which encourage our people to build dedicated focus time into their schedules instead of jumping from meeting to meeting. We also created “Flex Friday Afternoons,” which give our colleagues the option to prioritize work outside of the office where possible, and we close our offices over the year-end holiday season to ensure Dragons have time to spend with friends and family while gearing up for the year to come. 

Today, we’re proud to announce expanded updates to our company policies that provide support for Dragons’ holistic well-being. 

  • Expanding paid parental leave from 12 weeks to 16 weeks, with the option to take four weeks of flexible return to work.
  • Implementing a new policy that covers four weeks of paid time off for parental bereavement and/or recovery in the instance of pregnancy loss or termination. 
  • Creating one floating holiday for Dragons to use at their discretion to ensure everyone can celebrate the holidays and events that matter to them. 
  • Offering all Dragons three paid days annually to participate in volunteer opportunities, in partnership with our Komodo Cares volunteer group. 

Our Dragons are some of the best minds – and people – in our industry. We recognize that optimal productivity also requires balance, both in and out of the office. We are incredibly proud of the amazing team of Dragons who have chosen to join us on our mission to reduce the burden of disease. As we continue to support their best work, we are continually looking for ways to improve our policies, live our values, and build a great company.

Our Dragons are a diverse bunch! Co-workers hail from places as far flung as Belfast and Mumbai to the American heartland. The uniqueness and diversity reflected in our people make Komodo a stronger team, and we are all united around one common mission: To reduce the global burden of disease. Interested in joining the Komodo Health team? We’re hiring!

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