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Komodo Health Releases Integrity – the Largest, Most Representative and Timeliest Healthcare Map™ of the US – to Tackle Disease Burden and Improve Patient Outcomes

Komodo Health

Hundreds of longitudinal, all-inclusive payer data sets to power Komodo Health’s suite of Artificial Intelligence products


Komodo Health™ releases Integrity, the largest, most representative and timeliest healthcare map of the US which traces the healthcare journeys of over 295M patients.

Integrity overcomes the lag, biases and lack of population stability of traditional data providers by combining hundreds of longitudinal, all-inclusive payer data sets including Medicare, through QECP accreditation by CMS.

“Healthcare has been challenged by a lack of ground truth. For so long, we’ve had to work with poorly sampled and incomplete clinical encounter data sets that are non-contemporaneous,” explains Dr. Meghan Dierks, Head of Clinical Informatics for Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians. “Integrity is our ground truth – it provides high quality, context-specific data to inform decision making and will help healthcare stakeholders deliver better outcomes for patients.”

Founded in 2014, Komodo Health has spent the past four years building a comprehensive and real-time view of how healthcare is practiced across the US. Komodo Health’s Integrity brings significant transparency to healthcare behaviors, costs and outcomes across care settings to improve patient lives.

“We believe that the best data is needed to achieve the best outcomes,” says Dr. Arif Nathoo, CEO of Komodo Health. “Integrity tells the story of our healthcare system and is the foundation to develop Artificial Intelligence products that will reduce the global burden of disease.”

To learn more about Komodo Health’s Integrity and suite of Artificial Intelligence products that are empowering healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes, visit komodohealth.com

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