Komodo’s Healthcare Map™ is The Most Comprehensive
and Precise View
of The U.S. Healthcare System

Are You Using an Old Map
to Explore a New World?

The Healthcare Map is revolutionizing the way we navigate the complex and disparate healthcare industry of today by putting comprehensive insights at your fingertips!

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Create more effective and impactful Medical Affairs strategies that improve patient outcomes

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See how Life Sciences leaders are spotting critical waypoints on the patient journey

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Build alerting strategies that deliver signals before a clinical decision is made

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Learn how industry leaders partner to build a more complete view of the patient journey

Transforming Data Into Insights

 Creating the industry’s largest and most complete database of de-identified, real-world patient data is only the first step. Komodo built the Healthcare Map to power all of our cloud-based analytic software solutions. Users are able to quickly draw nuanced, granular insights about patient behaviors, treatment patterns, HCP influence, disease distributions, and more to answer their toughest questions.

What Questions Can We Help You With?


The industry’s first scalable, all-in-one offering for insight generation to understand disease trends, treatment pathways, patient populations, and more


HCP profiling software that provides deep insights into a clinician's influence that extends beyond traditional scientific analyses


Brand planning software that analyzes the clinical, therapy, scientific, and social data to better inform all aspects of commercial strategy


Clinical alerting software for field and non-personal engagement that enables more timely interventions along the patient journey


Comprehensive data and analytics development toolkit that supports custom analytics and dashboard development

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