Failure to meet enrollment timelines:

  • Delays delivery of therapies to patients in need
  • Puts millions of dollars at risk via impacts to trial budgets
  • Affects long-term profitability
Clinical Trial Recruitment

Identifying PIs and HCPs who can refer patients for trial participation is a "significant to very significant challenge" for 57% of pharmaceutical companies.

While 71% of sites conduct HCP outreach to facilitate referrals, this action drives less than 20% of patient enrollment.2

What’s behind the challenge? 

  • A focus on academic institutions/urban areas and HCPs that are overtaxed with clinical trials
  • Inability to see HCPs' referral networks and patient population demographics
  • Lack of visibility into each HCP’s recent and current trial participation to assess receptivity to a new trial
  • Inefficient, “cast-a-wide-net” approach to patient recruitment 
  • Not using AI-powered alerts to drive engagement at the most relevant point in the patient journey